• ‘Westminster private members’ club’ ̵...
    THE HOUSE of Lords has been branded unrepresentative of the UK after analysis revealed only one peer has worked in a blue collar job and only five percent live in the north-west of the UK. ... more
    Express -Politics1 hour ago
  • Anger at Tory rebel’s bid that could collapse Governm...
    TORY rebel Dominic Grieve was savaged yesterday after threatening to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit plans even if a revolt threatens to topple her Government. ... more
    Express -Politics5 hours ago
  • NHS funding: PM calls for 10-year plan to spend cash
    PM wants NHS to ensure "every penny" is well spent - but questions continue on how the increase will be funded. ... more
    BBC -Politics5 hours ago
  • I’m no dinosaur, says the MP who blocked Bill to ban ...
    A TORY MP savaged for blocking an attempt to outlaw “upskirting� yesterday claimed he had been “scapegoated�. Sir Christopher Chope was branded a dinosaur by a Tory minister after using Parliamentary delaying tactics to wreck a Commons Bill aimed at tackling intrusive mobile phone snaps. ... more
    Express -Politics5 hours ago
  • I wouldn’t be doing the job I am in today if it wasn...
    THERESA May is today delivering a highly personal tribute to the NHS for helping her cope with diabetes. Hailing the much-loved institution as “our greatest national inheritance�, she will speak of her own experience of the “heroic and tireless� efforts of staff to care for millions of patients around the country. ... more
    Express -Politics6 hours ago
  • Unison Research Reveals Nearly 80% Of Council Workers Have N...
    Nearly 80% of council workers have no confidence in the future of local services because of spending cuts, new research reveals.The study, carried out by Unison, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, revealed that staff felt councils had been left unable to meet the demands of local communities due to government cuts.Staff have been left to “pick up the… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics6 hours ago
  • Corbyn ally ruthlessly MOCKED online after Labour Live selfi...
    A TOP Corbyn ally has been mercilessly mocked on social media after making a selfie slip up on Twitter at the very first Labour Live festival. ... more
    Express -Politics6 hours ago
  • House Of Lords ‘Totally Failing’ To Represent UK...
    The House of Lords is “totally failing” to represent UK regions, with most peers living in and around London, according to a new report. The Electoral Reform Society has released new analysis as MPs prepare to debate a petition calling for the abolition of the upper chamber - signed by 170,000 supporters. It shows that of the 564 peers whose place of… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics6 hours ago
  • House of Lords branded out of touch as it emerged only ONE P...
    THE House of Lords was branded out of touch with real life yesterday as it emerged only ONE PEER has worked in a blue collar job. The Electoral Reform Society launched a scathing attack on the Upper Chamber – saying that it was “increasingly looking like a Westminster private members’ clubâ€�. PA:Press Association Just a single member of the House… ... more
    TheSun -Politics6 hours ago
  • ‘Rebel’ chief Dominic Grieve warns pro-EU Tories could t...
    ‘REBEL chief’ Dominic Grieve has warned that his pro-EU Tories could bring down Theresa May unless she bows to their Brexit demands. Speaking yesterday, the Tory backbencher admitted “we could collapse the Governmentâ€� if the PM doesn’t think again about giving Parliament a veto to block a No Deal. Getty Images - Getty Rebel chief and Tory backbencher Dominic Greive… ... more
    TheSun -Politics6 hours ago
  • Theresa May vows to use bumper ‘Brexit Dividend’ to fund...
    A BITTER row erupted as Theresa May vowed to use a bumper ‘Brexit Dividend’ to help fund the £20 billion NHS windfall. The PM echoed Vote Leave’s controversial red bus campaign message from the Referendum by saying the “vast sumsâ€� saved by leaving the EU would be ploughed into the heath service. She refused to be more precise. Theresa May… ... more
    TheSun -Politics7 hours ago
  • Theresa May sparks fury by signalling taxes could rise to fu...
    THERESA MAY was last night accused of breaking the Tory manifesto after signalling that taxes will rise to fund a £20billion-a-year bonanza for the NHS. “Confirming plans first revealed by The Sun last week, the PM said the health service will get an extra 3.4 per cent a year – or £394 million a week – to mark its 70th… ... more
    TheSun -Politics7 hours ago
  • 7 Moments When ‘Question Time’ Summed Up The Dav...
    David Dimbleby is to leave Question Time at the end of the year, with the broadcaster saying it was “the right time” after 25 years in the chair.During his time as host, the programme has delivered countless extraordinary moments as his tenure coincided with the rise and fall of Tony Blair, the Iraq War, the Tory-Lib Dem coalition, the Scottish… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics7 hours ago
  • Theresa May to warn social care must wait until 2020 for ext...
    No large cash injection to tackle the care crisis until the 'forthcoming spending review', prime minister will say ... more
    Independent -Politics8 hours ago
  • Fury as rail passengers hit by timetable chaos face delay fo...
    TENS OF THOUSANDS of furious rail passengers hit by timetabling crisis face another delay – in a fight for compensation. Rail Minister Jo Johnson has enraged MPs by saying Northern Rail customers will have to wait weeks to make compensation claims. PA:Press Association The chief executives of Northern Rail operator Arriva and Govia – the owners of Thameslink – are… ... more
    TheSun -Politics8 hours ago
  • Mum of epileptic boy denied lifesaving medicine blasts minis...
    THE MUM of an epileptic boy deprived of a lifesaving medicine has slammed the Policing Minister – after he described his own week as “difficultâ€�. Charlotte Caldwell said the comments from Nick Hurd were astonishing given how 12 year-old son Billy was left fighting for his life after customs workers took cannabis oil from them last Monday. PA:Press Association Charlotte… ... more
    TheSun -Politics8 hours ago
  • Motorists have to wait up to THREE YEARS for action on rip-o...
    HARD-UP drivers may be forced to wait another THREE YEARS for watchdogs to tackle rip-off motorway petrol prices, The Sun can reveal. Officials from the Competition and Markets Authority have told Transport Secretary Chris Grayling it could take that long for any formal investigation into eye-watering prices on service station forecourts. Motorists face continued high prices at the petrol pumpsAlamy… ... more
    TheSun -Politics8 hours ago
  • Tory MPs challenge Theresa May to adopt radical housing agen...
    Exclusive: MPs will tell PM that housing is the 'defining' issue holding back Conservative support from under-40s ... more
    Independent -Politics8 hours ago
  • David Dimbleby To Step Down From BBC Question Time After 25 ...
    David Dimbleby is to leave Question Time, the BBC’s flagship politics programme, at the end of the year, the broadcaster has announced.Dimbleby, who has chaired the debate show since taking over from Sir Robin Day around 25 years ago, said it was the “right moment to leave”, adding he will return to his “first love” of reporting.The 79-year-old is the… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics8 hours ago
  • Corbyn’s Brexit – For The Few Not The Many
    When Jeremy Corbyn walked up to the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury in 2017, he was met by tens of thousands of enthusiastic and hopeful festival goers. In his speech, he drew a picture of a better future for everyone - for the many. He called for unity and advised Donald Trump to build bridges, not walls.A year down the line,… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics9 hours ago
  • The Reality Of Childhood Cancer Is Nothing Like You Think It...
    I co-run a support group for parents of children with cancer. Every week we have many applications to join, and every week we hear the same stories as our own, all those years ago when our own children were diagnosed.From our experience, parents - most often mothers - are sent away by GPs who lack the awareness to refer the… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics9 hours ago
  • My Mum Has Been Moved Into A Care Home – Selling Her H...
    It’s six weeks since my mother moved into a care home. She has not yet settled in – she still asks why she is there, and when she is going home. However, the staff tell me she is calmer when I am not there – as if I am the bridge between “before” and “now”, and cause stirrings of memories… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics9 hours ago
  • Tory MP Christopher Chope Says He Is Being ‘Scapegoate...
    The Conservative MP who single-handedly blocked the criminalisation of upskirting has claimed he is being used as a scapegoat while defending his much-criticised move, insisting: “I am not a dinosaur.”On Friday, Sir Christopher Chope shouted “object!” to the measure when it was included in a backbench MP’s private members’ bill.The Tory was greeted with cries of “shame” from other MPs after that… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics11 hours ago
  • ‘There Is No Brexit Dividend’: Economist Paul Jo...
    Theresa May’s claim that a “Brexit dividend” will help boost NHS funding by £384m a week has been picked apart by a top economist as a senior Tory MP labelled the boast as “tosh”.The Prime Minister announced the NHS will receive an additional £20bn a year in real terms funding by 2024, meaning a weekly increase of £384m in real… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics13 hours ago
  • Top Corbyn ally mocked after he shares ‘selfie with Clean ...
    A TOP Corbynista MP was mocked last night after he shared a selfie with Clean Bandit – that wasn’t a selfie and didn’t feature Clean Bandit. Barry Gardiner, the Shadow International Development Secretary, posed for the snap at the Labour Live festival yesterday. So loved @cleanbandit set at #Labourlive.Couldn’t resist asking them for a selfie afterwards. pic.twitter.com/LFagAohNQ2 —… ... more
    TheSun -Politics14 hours ago
  • Jeremy Corbyn signs Sun reporter’s chest while being chase...
    A CRAZED mob of Corbynistas are chanting “Oh, Jeremy Corbynâ€� while chasing their Messiah around a field. It may sound like a scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian but today is no laughing matter. Jeremy Corbyn signing the shirt of Sun reporter Georgette Culley I morph into a rugby player and shoulder barge my way through the scrum. In… ... more
    TheSun -Politics14 hours ago
  • Upskirting row MP: Why did you give Chope a knighthood?
    The prime minister told Andrew Marr a law would still be passed to make upskirting a criminal offence. ... more
    BBC -Politics15 hours ago
  • Thousands of bereaved families must pay an extra £95 when...
    THOUSANDS of grieving families face an extra £95 “death tax” under new Government reforms to burial fees. Ministers face fury over the proposed new charge which is set to affect more than 80,000 people a year. Bereaved families face a £95 hike in the fees they must payAlamy The Government is planning to introduce a new system of “medical examiners”… ... more
    TheSun -Politics15 hours ago
  • Meghan Markle & Prince Harry could be moving into Cotswo...
    PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle could be about to purchase a luxurious Cotswold manor house as rumours mount that the royal couple could be ready to settle down and start a family. ... more
    Express -Politics15 hours ago
  • Labour would accept an invitation to meet Trump despite call...
    But Emily Thornberry stands by her criticism of the US president, insisting: 'I will say it to his face' ... more
    Independent -Politics15 hours ago
  • Labour Live: Music, debates and Brexit protest
    Labour Live was pitched as a way to capitalise on Jeremy Corbyn's appearance at Glastonbury in 2017. So how did the party's festival go? ... more
    BBC -Politics16 hours ago
  • Upskirting row: MP Sir Christopher Chope says he supports ba...
    The backbencher was criticised by other Tory MPs after he objected to a law making upskirting a crime. ... more
    BBC -Politics16 hours ago
  • ‘Call it a day!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg calls for Rema...
    LEADING Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on Remainer MPs and Lords to end their campaign for a Brexit veto and urged them not tie the Prime Minister's hands as she prepares for the next round of EU talks. ... more
    Express -Politics16 hours ago
  • Home Secretary Sajid Javid Reveals He Was A Victim Of Moped ...
    Home Secretary Sajid Javid has revealed that he was a victim of a moped mugging in north London, saying he was left “angry and upset” by the incident.The Tory minister said the mugging happened about two years ago as he was walking out of Euston station and reached for his phone to call a taxi.The 48-year-old told the Sun on Sunday: “It… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics17 hours ago
  • Unelected House of Lords should be SCRAPPED as peers continu...
    THE House of Lords should be scrapped over peers’ endless Brexit meddling, a top Labour MP said today. Frank Field said quitting the EU should be a “starting gun” for major reform to Britain’s institutions. The House of Lords faces calls for its abolitionPA:Press Association And he warned the Lords they are behaving like the “political agent” of Remoaner campaigns… ... more
    TheSun -Politics17 hours ago
  • Theresa May Unable To Say Why She Gave Christopher Chope A K...
    Theresa May was today unable to confirm exactly why she gave a knighthood to an MP who blocked a bill which would have made upskirting a criminal offence.Conservative backbencher Christopher Chope was widely criticised last week after intervening on a private members bill which would have ensured the act of taking pictures underneath someone’s clothing without their consent became a… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics17 hours ago
  • Brits WON’T get a shorter passport queue after Brexit and ...
    HOME Secretary Sajid Javid has binned plans for UK-only passport queues at British airports after Brexit. Holidaymakers and businessmen alike will have to continue to stand next to other EU nationals from countries such as Germany and France when they come home. Brits won’t get separate passport queues after BrexitRex Features The move comes despite growing concerns within the Home… ... more
    TheSun -Politics18 hours ago
  • Thornberry would meet ‘asteroid of awfulness’ Tr...
    Labour frontbencher would meet US president, despite calling him an "asteroid of awfulness". ... more
    BBC -Politics18 hours ago
  • NHS funding: Labour promises to ‘go further’ tha...
    Labour say their tax changes mean they will be able to spend more on the NHS than the Conservatives. ... more
    BBC -Politics18 hours ago
  • Dominic Grieve says Tory rebels are prepared to 'collap...
    'I wake up at 2am in a cold sweat thinking about the problems that we have put on our shoulders' ... more
    Independent -Politics18 hours ago
  • Sunday Show Round-Up: Asteroids, Dividends and A Crisis of C...
    Politics fans may be down one Sunday morning programme following Robert Peston’s move to a Wednesday night slot, but this weekend was certainly not a quiet one in terms of news. Theresa May’s big plan for the NHS is on the front of every paper (top lines: funding for the health service will increase by 3.4% annually for the next five… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics18 hours ago
  • Labour’s Brexit TURMOIL: Corbyn dealt HUGE blow as fro...
    ONE of Jeremy Corbyn’s senior frontbencher MPs has backed calls for a second EU referendum, placing Labour in fresh Brexit turmoil. ... more
    Express -Politics18 hours ago
  • Pienaar’s Politics: With John McDonnell
    John Pienaar interviews shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Brexit minister Suella Braverman. ... more
    BBC -Politics19 hours ago
  • First Of 630 Aquarius Migrants Arrive In Spanish Port Of Val...
    The 630 migrants rescued by aid boat the Aquarius off the coast of Libya have started to arrive at the Spanish port of Valencia, accompanied by Italian government ships. The Italian coastguard vessel Dattilo arrived just before 7am on Sunday and it will be followed by the Aquarius and another Italian navy ship, the Orione.The migrants were rescued by the Aquarius… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics19 hours ago
  • Theresa May denies lying to Tory rebels as ringleader Domini...
    THERESA May today denied that she’d misled rebel Tories by promising to compromise on key Brexit laws – as they threatened to bring down her Government. And the PM also vowed to stop Remoaner MPs from wrecking Brexit – saying Britain has a “really bright future” outside the EU. Theresa May has insisted Tory rebels can trust her Brexit promises… ... more
    TheSun -Politics19 hours ago
  • May: I have listened to rebels over Brexit bill
    The PM says her bid to avert a Tory rebellion does "balance" concerns with need to respect referendum result. ... more
    BBC -Politics19 hours ago
  • ‘Love Island’: 14 Ridiculous Things That Happend...
    If you thought after *that* Brexit chat things could not get any more ridiculous in the ‘Love Island’ villa, you were proven wrong this week. That’s because between them all, the Islanders have served up even more gold - although most of the time, it has been when they haven’t intended to (we’re looking at you, Hayley). Here’s what made us laugh… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics19 hours ago
  • ‘Love Island’ Newcomers Ellie And Zara To Enter ...
    We’ve barely had time to process the departure of Hayley and Charlie on Friday night, and ‘Love Island’ bosses are already throwing in two new contestants.In Sunday’s show, viewers will meet 20-year-old business development manager Ellie Brown and 21-year-old government advisor Zara McDermott, the former of whom already has a link to one Islander.“I do know Adam,” she says. “Newcastle… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics19 hours ago
  • Emily Thornberry: Labour Willing To Meet Donald Trump On UK ...
    Emily Thornberry has said the Labour Party is willing to meet Donald Trump when he visits the UK next month, despite the fact she still believes him to be “an asteroid of awfulness” and “a bully”.Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, the shadow foreign secretary said she stood by comments she made on the programme in January,… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics20 hours ago
  • Brexit will free the UK from ‘anti science’ EU r...
    THE European Union held back the booming British biotech industry with its “anti innovation regulations� and prevented the UK from taking its scientific expertise onto a global platform, a Conservative MP said. ... more
    Express -Politics20 hours ago
  • Home secretary Sajid Javid reveals he was mugged for his mob...
    'I was angry and upset but thought myself lucky not to have been stabbed or beaten up like many other victims who fall prey to these vicious criminals' ... more
    Independent -Politics20 hours ago
  • David Walliams Reveals He Got A ‘Telling Off’ Fr...
    ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge David Walliams has revealed that he got a telling off from Simon Cowell during this year’s series, after a joke he cracked about the music mogul.David’s jokes at the expense of his fellow judge have become a staple of ‘BGT’ ever since he joined the panel, but the comedian has admitted that he got on the… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics21 hours ago
  • NHS Funding To Be Increased To £384 Million A Week Boost ...
    The NHS will get an extra £384 million a week after Brexit, Theresa May has said in a major announcement to mark the 70th anniversary of the health service.The Prime Minister has said the NHS will receive an additional £20 billion a year in real terms funding by 2024, but experts have cautioned that the figure falls short of the amount… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics21 hours ago
  • Tory MP Christopher Chope has string of knickers hung outsid...
    “DINOSAUR” Tory MP Christopher Chope last night faced a bizarre protest as a woman hung a string of KNICKERS outside his office. The striking move came after he single-handedly blocked a bill to stop pervs taking pictures up women’s skirts – which Theresa May today confirmed WILL become law. Knickers have been strung up outside the office of Tory MP… ... more
    TheSun -Politics21 hours ago
  • Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s New Album ‘EVERYTHING IS ...
    Beyoncé has gone and done it again, dropping yet another surprise album on Saturday night, this time a joint effort with husband Jay-Z.The couple - currently on their ‘On The Run II’ world tour - have just released their first ever full album together, ‘EVERYTHING IS LOVE’, which appears to put the marital drama outlined on ‘Lemonade’ and ‘4:44’ behind… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics21 hours ago
  • Theresa May refuses to say which taxes will rise to pay for ...
    Tory chairman of the Commons health committee attacks 'rubbish that this will be some Brexit bonanza' - saying: 'in reality, tax rises and borrowing will need to be higher' ... more
    Independent -Politics21 hours ago
  • Theresa May insists more cash for NHS can come from money we...
    THERESA May today vowed that extra cash for the NHS will come from the money saved by Brexit. And she revealed her passion for the health service is deeply personal – because the NHS has treated her diabetes for years. Theresa May today said she would spend Brexit cash on the NHSHandout - Getty But she also faced a backlash… ... more
    TheSun -Politics22 hours ago
  • Cannabis oil row prompts legalisation call
    The law is 'frankly absurd', says the MP who chairs the all-party group on drug policy reform. ... more
    BBC -Politics22 hours ago
  • What Works For Me: ‘Rock Climbing Gives Me An Adrenali...
    In ‘What Works For Me’ - a series of articles considering how we can find balance in our lives - we talk to people about their self-care strategies. If you’d like to contribute your story, email us.When she’s not handing off opponents on the rugby pitch or holding down a day job as a firefighter, England and Harlequins player Shaunagh Brown… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics23 hours ago
  • Sajid Javid announces CRIME CRACKDOWN after revealing he was...
    THE HOME Secretary has announced a crackdown on violent crime in the UK as he revealed he was recently the victim of a moped mugging at a London train station. ... more
    Express -Politics1 day ago
  • Hundreds Of Schools Are Using Amazon Wish Lists To Fund Basi...
    Schools are pleading for donations from parents in desperate bids to fund essentials like pens, pencils and glue sticks.Hundreds of “wish lists” on Amazon’s website carry the names of schools, with many including appeals for people to buy basic supplies ordinarily purchased through everyday budgets.As union leaders highlight a growing crisis in school funding, HuffPost UK has found:A wish list… ... more
    Huffingtonpost -Politics1 day ago
  • Theresa May promises £20bn a year extra for the NHS by 20...
    The prime minister spoke to Andrew Marr on the future of the NHS. ... more
    BBC -Politics1 day ago
  • Tory MP slammed after he ‘accidentally’ shares video of ...
    A TORY MP was dragged into a sexist row last night after posting a video of a busty brunette on a Westminster WhatsApp group. Andrew Bridgen revealed he “accidentallyâ€� posted the thirty-second video which was visible to all Tories signed up to the group. A Tory MP ‘accidentally’ shared a video featuring a busty brunette woman in a multi-MP WhatsApp… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • UK risks spiralling into trade hell if we stay in EU customs...
    BRITAIN will be stuck in a “twilight zoneâ€� if forced to stay in a customs union with the EU, a report warns today. Top economists say we would be stuck between the reality and fantasy of Brexit — taking orders from Brussels but denied the benefits of free trade. Getty Images - Getty The PM Theresa May has been urged… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope to be carpeted by party bosses...
    A TORY MP who blocked new laws to ban “upskirtâ€� pics will be hauled in for a carpeting by party bosses this week. Theresa May is furious that Sir Christopher Chope should stand in the way of outlawing a degrading practice. PA:Press Association Ministers are confident Sir Christopher Chope’s actions will not effect the ‘upskirting’ bill in the long run[/caption]… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • Brexit negotiators racked up £232,000 travel bill in a...
    BREXIT negotiators racked up a £232,000 travel bill in a year to attend talks in Brussels. Official figures show British civil servants made more than 1,000 journeys – 34 by plane and the rest on Eurostar. Robert Harding World Imagery - Getty Brexit negotiators racked up a £232,000 travel bill in a year with Eurostar trips to attend talks in… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • ‘JezFest’ flops with small crowds, £4 cans of beer an...
    FORGET Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight and Oasis at Knebworth. Labour Live — or JezFest — was held yesterday at White Hart Lane rec in North London, boasting union chief Len McCluskey, ­Guardian columnist Owen Jones and headliners Reverend & The Makers, whose single Open Your Window peaked at No65 in 2007. Labour Live – or JezFest –… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • NHS gets £20bn ‘birthday present’
    The PM says it will be part-funded by a "Brexit dividend" that will arise once EU payments cease. ... more
    BBC -Politics1 day ago
  • Theresa May in secret talks with Labour MPs to save Brexit f...
    THERESA May is engaged in secret talks with Labour MPs ahead of crunch Brexit votes, we can reveal. The Prime Minister hosted an extraordinary meeting with the Leave supporters as she faced a showdown with her own pro-EU rebels. REUTERS The PM is holding secret talks with Labour MPs to save Brexit from pro-Eu rebellions[/caption] The behind-closed-doors meeting took place… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
  • Modern day slavery is far worse than official figures sugges...
    SLAVERY and human trafficking is far more widespread than official figures suggest, a report will reveal this week. Experts believe the estimated 800,000 men, women and children bought and sold across borders every year and exploited for labour or sex is just the tip of the iceberg. Getty Images - Getty Modern day slavery and human trafficking is far more… ... more
    TheSun -Politics1 day ago
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