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  • 5 months James Arthur Shuts Down Jesy Nelson Romance Speculation After Brits Party Claims Huffingtonpost
    James Arthur has hit back at claims he and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson were “all over each other” at this year’s Brit Awards. Tabloid reports had previously hinted at a romance between the pair after they partied together following the ceremony on Wednesday night.An apparent “on-looker” told The Sun they were getting close, with James “kissing her cheeks and forehead”.However, James has now responded to the story on Twitter, calling it a “sad state of affairs”. He wrote: “Firstly, we were not kissing we were talking closely because it was loud as fuck in a club. Have you ever tried having a ... more
  • 5 months Bill And Melinda Gates Say Marrying The Right Person Is More Important Than Your Career Huffingtonpost
    Bill and Melinda Gates may be a power couple in the world of technology and philanthropy, but career aspirations and academia are not top of their parenting priorities. Instead, the pair would like their kids to focus on finding happiness with someone they love.“One of the lessons we try to talk to our kids about, or I say to them quite often, is: if you choose to have a partner in life, whoever you choose is probably the most important decision you make,” Melinda said during a talk at a secondary school alongside her husband, according to She added that it’s ... more
  • 5 months Asda Voted Worst Supermarket For Online Deliveries Huffingtonpost
    Asda has been named the worst supermarket when it comes to online delivery, in a new Which? survey.It is unusual to receive a delivery without a substitution, customers reported, with more than half (55%) experiencing this with their last order. Among the most bizarre substitutions received were parsley replacing basil, potato gratin instead of macaroni cheese and red wine vinegar replaced by a bottle of red wine. Go figure.And it wasn’t just online that the supermarket disappointed customers. Overall, Asda was the worst performing of the big four – which also includes Tesco, ... more
  • 5 months Is Chrissy Teigen Going To Be Princess Beatrice’s New Godmother? Huffingtonpost
    Chrissy Teigen has found herself with a potential new title of Princess Beatrice’s godmother – and we’re just as excited as you are.  Teigen tweeted that she loved the name “Bea”, writing: “It’s such an adorable name – someone name their kid Bea please, I am not ready for another daughter and John says no more dogs. I will be their godparent.”
    "bea" is such an adorable name. someone name their kid bea please. I am not ready for another daughter and John says no more dogs. I will be their god parent— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) February 21, 2019Many people on ... more
  • 5 months Time’s Up Chief Quit After Assault Allegation Against Her Son, Group Confirms Huffingtonpost
    Time’s Up president Lisa Borders stepped down after allegations of sexual assault were made against her son, the group has announced.Borders revealed she was leaving the anti-sexual harassment movement on Monday, four months after taking the job of president and chief executive officer.At the time, Borders said she needed to “address family concerns” and Time’s Up has now issued a lengthier statement, explaining she left following allegations against her son.The group said: “Time’s Up unequivocally supports all survivors of sexual harassment and abuse.“On Friday, Lisa Borders informed members of Time’s Up leadership that ... more
  • 5 months World’s Largest Bee Rediscovered! Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months The Waugh Zone Friday February 22, 2019 Huffingtonpost
    1. AN EX-AUSTIN DAY Exhausted by the dizzying string of stories about MPs defecting from their parties? Well, the hot news today is that Ian Austin has become the latest MP to quit Labour.  A keen cyclist, he’s finally got on bike and ridden out of the party he has represented for more than 26 years. In an interview with his local Express and Star newspaper, he cited Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to deal with anti-semitism in the party. Austin’s adoptive father Fred escaped the Nazis in 1939 (read this very moving account of his backstory), but the rest of his Jewish family perished in the ... more
  • 5 months Why Being Open About About Periods Matters Huffingtonpost
    There’s a young girl out there, right now, who has gotten her first period. For most women, menstruating for the first time is a memory that never really leaves us – it’s a time filled with confusion, discomfort and unfortunately, embarrassment.Menstruation is a shared experience between most women around the world, from as young as age 11 to menopause well into their 50s. That’s over 40 years with the same monthly cycle, cravings and pain – but the silence on the subject is so deafening you’d think periods never existed.The taboo culture of periods is observed around the world in ... more
  • 5 months As A Young Leftist Who Opposes Brexit, It’s Time To Stop Blaming ‘Centrists’ For The Labour Split Huffingtonpost
    Over the past few days, a group of eight Labour MPs alongside three Conservatives have left their party to form “The Independent Group”, including prominent People’s Vote campaigner Chuka Umunna. As a young Labour supporter myself, this split inevitably saddens me, as it is once again a sign of the left’s chronic inability to set aside its internal differences and work together. Nevertheless, it does not surprise me, and I rather see it as a consequence of Jeremy Corbyn’s inadequacy in addressing internal issues — antisemitism, on the one hand, which was enough to make Luciana Berger feel personally unwelcome within her ... more
  • 5 months How Labour Can Seize The Initiative From The Independent Group Huffingtonpost
    As of Thursday at 4pm, eleven MPs – eight Labour and three Conservative – had left their respective parties to join ‘The Independent Group’, sparking a political crisis for both main parties. I say sparking, but in reality this is just the latest convulsion in the crisis that began in June 2016. For some, the crisis began earlier, with the election of Jeremy Corbyn in September 2015.Whatever your thoughts on the causes and beginnings of the current turmoil, it is clear that Labour needs to take serious action to prevent the party from further splitting and prove to the electorate ... more
  • 5 months Dudley MP Ian Austin Reveals He Is Leaving Labour Party Huffingtonpost
    Labour MP Ian Austin is leaving the party, he has announced. The Dudley North MP said he was leaving Jeremy Corbyn’s party over anti-Semitism and a takeover of the party by the hard-left. But Austin said he had no plans to join the newly-formed Independent Group in parliament. “The Labour Party has been my life, so this has been the hardest decision I have ever had to take,” Austin told the Dudley & Wyre Express & Star, but said he was “ashamed” of Labour under Corbyn. “I am appalled at the offence and distress Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have caused to Jewish people,” ... more
  • 5 months Stacey Solomon And Joe Swash Announce She’s Pregnant With Their First Child Huffingtonpost
    Stacey Solomon has announced she’s pregnant with her third child, posting a photo of her scan to Instagram.The star left her partner, Joe Swash, to do most of the talking, simply saying: “Every time I go to write anything I sob so... what he said @realjoeswashy.” 
    View this post on InstagramA post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on Feb 21, 2019 at 11:37pm PSTSwash also confirmed the news on Instagram with a series of sweet photos showing Solomon sleeping. It is the couple’s first child together, after they met on I’m A Celebrity.“I’ve been driving myself mad thinking ... more
  • 5 months This Is How It Feels To Date With A Long-Term Health Condition Huffingtonpost
    The dating world can be tricky at times, but even more so when you have a fluctuating chronic health condition like arthritis. I used to avoid telling dates about my condition because I didn’t want the other person to think I was looking for attention, or for them to get scared and assume they’d have to become a carer for me if we were to have a future together.But it’s such a big part of my life that if it isn’t spoken about at the beginning and something goes wrong like a flare up, it can end before it’s even ... more
  • 5 months MPs Have No Excuse Not To End Uncertainty For EU Citizens In Britain – And Our Citizens Abroad Huffingtonpost
    With every day that passes, the despair I see gets worse. The uncertainty and the anxiety of thousands of EU citizens are palpable. It was only yesterday that several wrote to me with essentially the same statement: that they cannot cope with the uncertainty anymore. It would be a lie if I said that that does not have an impact on me personally as well. I am concerned about my own future, sure. But for me the much bigger worry is, and always has been, seeing the impact on so many other people; seeing all the pain and despair so many ... more
  • 5 months Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Postponed Huffingtonpost
    Plans for an Amy Winehouse hologram tour have been put on hold, with the company in charge of creating a digital version of the star admitting they’ve faced “unique challenges and sensitivities”.The project was first announced last October and despite the fact Amy’s dad, Mitch, insisted all profits would go to the foundation set up in her name, many fans felt uneasy about the news.But BASE Hologram have now stated that the tour has been postponed, announcing the news on Twitter:— BASE Hologram (@BASEHologram) February 20, 2019The company’s chairman, Brian Becker, has also issued a longer statement to ... more
  • 5 months Adventurer Bear Grylls Could Face Fine For Boiling Frog In Bulgaria Huffingtonpost
    Environment officials in Bulgaria are considering fining British adventurer Bear Grylls over an episode of his Running Wild series, in which he killed a frog and boiled it on a camping stove.In the episode filmed in the country’s Rila mountains in 2017, Grylls and US Latin and ballroom dancer Derek Hough were shown killing, gutting and cooking the frog before swimming across a lake.“It is evident from the film material that during the shooting there were breaches to the regulations and rules of conduct in protected areas: entering and swimming in the water basin of the Karakashevo lake, lighting a ... more
  • 5 months BBC News Presenter Huw Edwards Is The Instagram Star We Didn’t Know We Needed In Our Lives Huffingtonpost
    They might be some of the most recognisable faces on our screens, but despite featuring in most of our lives on a daily basis, we still know very little about the presenters of BBC News.Kate Silverton gave us an all-too brief glimpse of her off-duty personality when she appeared on the last series of Strictly, but the rest of them they keep things on the DL.Well, they did until Huw Edwards discovered Instagram.Admittedly, Huw’s been sharing Insta snaps since 2017: Huw sat at his BBC News desk. Huw outside the Houses of Parliament. Huw hosting a panel.So far, so snooze.But fast forward ... more
  • 5 months Shamima Begum’s Family Plan To ‘Challenge’ Home Secretary’s Decision To Revoke UK Citizenship Huffingtonpost
    The family of Shamima Begum – the teenager who left the UK to join Islamic State in Syria – have written to home secretary Sajid Javid to challenge his decision to revoke her UK citizenship.In the letter, published by the BBC and written by Begum’s older sister Renu Begum on the family’s behalf, the controversy is described as “a matter for the British courts”.The family also asked for assistance in bringing the Isis bride’s newborn baby to the UK.The document goes on to state “we have a duty to her, and a duty to hope that as she was groomed ... more
  • 5 months Strictly 2019 Line-Up: Who’s Rumoured To Be Taking Part In The New Series? Huffingtonpost
    The new series of Strictly Come Dancing might be months away, but the rumour mill on who could be taking to the dance floor in 2019 has already gone into overdrive.And depending on how much salt you sprinkle on this this kind of thing, this year’s series could be the most star-studded yet, with some huge names already thrown into Strictly’s sequinned hat.Here are all the stars who have been linked with the 2019 series so far...Chris EvansThe former Radio 2 Breakfast host — and Strictly superfan - told The One Show in December ... more
  • 5 months Sheffield Flypast: The Amazing Story Behind Why The American Airforce Is Flying Over A UK City Huffingtonpost
    When four American F15 fighters fly over Sheffield today, it will be something of a dream come true to pensioner Tony Foulds, now aged 82 – a moment of huge significance after a lifetime of commemorating a wartime tragedy.Foulds was just eight years old when he witnessed the American B-17 Flying Fortress crash into Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, on February 22 1944, killing all 10 of the crew on board.And when a memorial to the aircraft, called Mi Amigo, was built in 1969 he began regularly looking after it, sometimes visiting up to six times ... more
  • 5 months High Air Pollution Is Hell For Asthmatics: ‘It Feels Like My Lungs Are On Fire’ Huffingtonpost
    For most of us, warm, still weather is reason to celebrate – an opportunity to bunk off work early to enjoy the great outdoors, preferably with a drink in hand. But for people with asthma, an unseasonably warm snap can be something to dread, especially if it’s accompanied with an increase in air pollution. “When the pollution levels are high, I find my breath gets very short even when I am just walking,” says Becky Saunders, 32, from South London. “This also makes my lethargic as it takes a lot of my energy just to ... more
  • 5 months Are Babysitting Apps A Lifesaver For Parents – Or Unsafe For Our Kids? Huffingtonpost
    When you become a parent, there’s one major roadblock to enjoying a boozy night out: you need a babysitter. Gone are the days when everyone ends up living two streets away from their parents and lifelong BFFs –  so what are parents meant to do if they fancy leaving the house without their child in tow?Like everything else in 2019, there are apps that provide solutions. In the same way we order pizza from our phones, we can now arrange babysitters. Bubble, UrbanSitter, Sitters, Bambino and Rockmybaby are all digital services that allow parents to organise childcare quickly and easily. But ... more
  • 5 months Choupette Lagerfeld’s Heartfelt Tribute, Plus 4 Other Animal Tales To End The Week Huffingtonpost
    This week the world celebrated #LoveYourPetDay, but we don’t need an excuse to celebrate our furry friends. As usual, we’re kicking off the weekend with our favourite animals of the past seven days. Grab a cuppa, this week’s a good’un. 1. Choupette’s Tribute To Karl LagerfeldThe feline social media star is nursing a broken heart in the wake of the fashion designer’s death. Choupette is rumoured to be receiving a sizeable chunk of Lagerfeld’s £150 million fortune to continue living her lavish lifestyle – so we look forward to seeing what she’s up to next. 
    View this post on InstagramA post ... more
  • 5 months 1 in 13 Children Has Experienced PTSD, But Most Aren’t Getting The Help They Need Huffingtonpost
    One in 13 young people in the UK experiences post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) before the age of 18, the first study of its kind has suggested.Meanwhile, almost a third (31%) say they have gone through a traumatic childhood experience, the King’s College London research found. Senior researcher Professor Andrea Danese said the findings should serve as a “wake-up call” that many young people are failing to get the support they need.The study, published in journal The Lancet Psychiatry, looked at more than 2,000 children born in England and Wales between 1994 and 1995.Of the 7.8% who experienced PTSD before turning ... more
  • 5 months 7 Lightweight Jackets To Get You Ready For Spring Huffingtonpost
    The days are getting longer, the mornings are getting brighter and the mercury is rising enough that we can start contemplating leaving the house in something other than our duvet.It would probably be a bit keen to say spring is almost here, but the seasons are definitely changing, and with it we need a bit of a wardrobe refresh – a coat that keeps the breeze away but doesn’t leave you sweltering on public transport.These are the seven best lightweight jackets out there to get you ready for the sun.Check trench coat, Warehouse, £89A trench coat is an absolute classic ... more
  • 5 months 145,000 People Are Calling On Tesco To Improve Its Chicken Welfare Huffingtonpost
    Chickens bred for meat in the UK live in cramped indoor conditions no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper for each bird, are unable to flap their wings properly and suffer from heart attacks and leg problems – that’s according to a new RSPCA petition that is targeting Tesco and calling on the supermarket to improve basic animal welfare standards. More than 145,000 people have signed the petition since it launched on two weeks ago. They want Tesco to stop breeding meat chickens that have been genetically selected to grow quickly, to give each chicken more space to move around in, ... more
  • 5 months This ‘Historical Google Earth’ Lets You Explore The Britain Of The Past Huffingtonpost
    A collection of aerial photographs described as the “historical Google Earth” has been made available online by Cambridge University.The images, from as early as 1945, were taken by former wartime RAF pilots at the instruction of Cambridge archaeologist JK St Joseph.They chart how the UK’s built environment changed from the bomb-scarred post-war period, with the emergence of motorways, skyscrapers and modern cityscapes.Ancient landscapes were also photographed in Cambridge’s Committee for Aerial Photography project, with the most recent ones taken in 2009.The first 1,500 photographs from an archive numbering almost 500,000 went live on a website on Friday.Cambridge archaeologist Professor Martin ... more
  • 5 months NHS Trusts Bringing In Extra Mortuary Equipment For Severely Obese Bodies Huffingtonpost
    As Britain battles an ongoing obesity crisis, the NHS is investing in more equipment to store severely overweight bodies in mortuaries, a HuffPost UK investigation has found. Freedom of Information responses from 101 NHS trusts revealed nearly six in 10 had since 2014 bought or were planning to acquire extra-large fridges, trays, trolleys or blankets for use in hospital mortuaries. Respondents included Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which said it is planning to install a bariatric fridge in its mortuary this year – equipment typically used to store bodies weighing over 200 kilograms.The data demonstrates the ... more
  • 5 months Man, 23, Stabbed To Death In London Huffingtonpost
    A 23-year-old man has died after a stabbing in London.Police attended the incident in Minet Road, Lambeth, at 6.45pm but the victim died at the scene.Officers have made no arrests.Witnesses or anyone with information are urged to call 101 referencing 6141. ... more
  • 5 months Theresa May’s Whips Branded ‘Useless’ By Brexit-Backing Labour MPs Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May has been branded “hopeless” by Brexit-backing Labour MPs who revealed no-one in government has tried to persuade them to back her deal, despite their rebellion against attempts to delay the UK’s exit from the EU.The prime minister has reached out to the likes of Caroline Flint and John Mann, promising to address concerns over issues like workers’ rights and promising funding for Leave-backing communities in return for support for her agreement with the EU.But several of the Labour MPs who abstained on an anti-no deal amendment tabled by Yvette Cooper ... more
  • 5 months Manslaughter Probe Launched Over Death Of Pensioner Following Attempted Robbery Huffingtonpost
    A manslaughter investigation has been launched following the death of a 73-year-old woman after a man tried to steal her handbag.Six people, aged between 14 and 22, were arrested after a series of targeted robberies on Tuesday February 5, West Midlands Police said.The 73-year-old fell to the ground and dislocated her shoulder after a man tried to snatch her handbag at around 2.30pm on Petersfield Road, Hall Green, Birmingham.She received treatment for her injuries and was released from hospital, but was re-admitted on Friday February 15 and died the following day.Two separate women, aged 57 and 67, were targeted within ... more
  • 5 months #150 – That Independent Spirit (With Gavin Shuker MP) Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months DWP Admits An Extra 30,000 Sick And Disabled People Were Underpaid Thousands In ESA Huffingtonpost
    Ministers have admitted an extra 30,000 sick and disabled people missed out on thousands of pounds worth of payments in a historic benefits blunder. New government estimates released on Thursday suggested that as many as 210,000 people were underpaid Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – a key benefit for people who cannot work because of illness or disability – after being transferred to the benefits scheme, which was introduced in 2011. Those hit by the scandal are owed an average of £4,000, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), led by Amber Rudd, said. It is now set to pay out £920m addressing ... more
  • 5 months Peter Tork Dead: The Monkees Musician Dies, Aged 77 Huffingtonpost
    The Monkees singer and bass guitarist Peter Tork has died at the age of 77. A post on the musician’s official Facebook page on Thursday confirmed news of his death, describing him as a “friend, mentor, teacher and amazing soul”. It read: “It is with beyond-heavy and broken hearts that we share the devastating news that our friend, mentor, teacher, and amazing soul, Peter Tork, has passed from this world.“As we have mentioned in the past, the PTFB team is made up of Peter’s friends, family and colleagues - we ask for your kindness and understanding in allowing us to grieve this huge loss ... more
  • 5 months Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Delivers Truth Bombs At EU Conference Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months Ex-Altar Boy Guilty Of Killing Convicted Paedophile After He Confessed Past Crimes Huffingtonpost
    A former altar boy has been found guilty of slitting the throat of a convicted paedophile after he confessed to sexually abusing a six-year-old child.Christopher McMahon, 48, repeatedly stabbed his drinking partner David Potter, 50, in the early hours of August 21 last year, leaving him for dead face down on the floor of his flat in Tooting, south London.Afterwards, McMahon, of no fixed abode, went to his on-off partner’s house still soaked in his victim’s blood and told her: “I’ve done it.”Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC told jurors: “Mr McMahon said he had slit a man’s throat and indeed he ... more
  • 5 months US 2020 Presidential Candidates: Who Is Running So Far? Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months This Is Why We Should All Be Concerned About The State Of Local Government Finance Huffingtonpost
    Like the Prime Minister’s Brexit chaos, horror stories about the dire state of local government finances have come to feel a bit like groundhog day. So you’d be forgiven for missing the findings of the the State of Local Government Finance Survey released on Thursday.But the results deserve attention.The Local Government Information Unit and The Municipal Journal survey English councils every year on the state of their finances. Crucially, the surveys are filled in at the beginning of the year - just as councils are setting their budgets – and so provide a telling snapshot of the true state of ... more
  • 5 months Want To Vote For The Independent Group At The Next Election? Here’s What Needs To Happen First Huffingtonpost
    If you have glanced at a newspaper, turned on the TV, looked at your phone or had any kind of social interaction *at allin the past few days, you’ve probably heard there have been some seriously dramatic changes in parliament. On Monday, seven Labour MPs – including Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger – announced they were leaving Jeremy Corbyn’s party, slamming the leadership’s approach to Brexit and handling of anti-Semitism. Enfield North MP Joan Ryan followed suit the next day. Then, as Theresa May prepared to attack Corbyn in PMQs over the Labour split, Tory MPs Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry ... more
  • 5 months Theresa May Rejects Claims By Tory Defectors She Has Abandoned ‘Moderate’ Politics Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May has written to the three MPs who quit the Conservatives to join The Independent Group and rejected their claim she had let the party be taken over by the right-wing.In a letter to Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen, the prime minister said she still led an “open-hearted Conservative Party in the One Nation tradition”.“I know you will not have come to your decision lightly, but I must say that I do not accept the picture you paint of our party,” she said.“I am determined that under my leadership the Conservative Party will always offer the decent, ... more
  • 5 months Mother Found Guilty Of Child Cruelty After Son Died In Car Seat Crush Huffingtonpost
    A woman has been found guilty of child cruelty after her three-year-old son was allegedly crushed by her partner’s car seat.Alfie Lamb was sitting in the backseat footwell in Stephen Waterson’s convertible Audi when the 25-year-old twice reversed his electric car seat into Lamb.The child died in hospital three days after he was found suffering from cardiac arrest by paramedics.Jurors were told Waterson lashed out with his car seat “in a fit of childish temper.”Alfie’s mother, Adrian Hoare, and Waterson bother denied manslaughter.Waterson is the son of ex-minister Conservative minister Nigel Waterson, who attended the trial.Related... Three-Year-Old ... more
  • 5 months Gemma Collins And Naughty Boy Are The New Celeb Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed Huffingtonpost
    The Brit Awards has a history of bringing random people together on stage (who could forget Rihanna and Klaxons?), but last night’s ceremony gifted us an off-stage pairing we didn’t realise we needed – until now. Step forward Gemma Collins and Naughty Boy. The pair struck up an unlikely friendship after bumping into each other at the ceremony on Wednesday night, and luckily for us, their bonding was documented all over Gemma’s Instagram. In videos posted on The GC’s Story, the pair agreed to a musical collaboration involving Celine Dion, before the music producer then began carrying the train of her (very understated) dress ... more
  • 5 months Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Meghan Markle Print Is For Sale Online Huffingtonpost
    Beyoncé and Jay Z left us with one question when they served up the most iconic moment of last night’s Brit Awards – where can you buy that Meghan Markle portrait from?Well people, the wait is over. We’ve found the answer and it’s $75 (just under £60). God bless the internet. The Duchess of Sussex portrait was created by Brooklyn-based artist Tim O’Brien last year for the cover of The Key, a magazine run by the sorority Meghan was part of at university. “This was a collaboration and we worked together closely on the image and all the tiny details specific to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “I think she’s lovely ... more
  • 5 months Brits 2019: Has Anything Changed Since #BritsSoWhite? Huffingtonpost
    The music industry is often thought of as extremely progressive. When we think of iconic artists such as David Bowie, Prince or Michael Jackson, it’s difficult not to consider their influence on modern society. After all, who among us can truly say that their view of the world has not, in some way, been affected by music?However, contrary to its open-minded appearance, in recent years, numerous BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) artists have spoken out about racism in the music industry. The BRIT Awards, for example, were heavily criticised in 2016, when the infamous hashtag #BritsSoWhite highlighted the fact ... more
  • 5 months Jussie Smollett Accused Of Staging Attack Due To Salary Woes, Say Chicago Police Huffingtonpost

    Jussie Smollett is accused of staging an attack on himself because he was “dissatisfied with his salary,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Thursday.

    The “Empire” actor on Wednesday was charged with a felony for filing a false report in the racist and homophobic assault he claimed to have suffered in Chicago last month. He turned himself in to police custody early Thursday.

    Smollett was paid $65,000 (almost £50,000) per episode for his co-starring role in the most recent season of “Empire,” a well-placed source told ... more

  • 5 months The School for Survivors of Modern Slavery Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months Actor’s Daughter Had ‘Fatal Attraction’ To Boyfriend Accused Of Her Drug Death, Court Hears Huffingtonpost
    The daughter of Holby City actor John Michie had a “fatal attraction” to her boyfriend who collected “souvenirs” of her final moments on his mobile phone, a court has heard.Ceon Broughton is on trial at Winchester Crown Court accused of being responsible for the death of 24-year-old Louella Fletcher-Michie.The yoga and dance teacher took class A party drug 2-CP at Bestival in Dorset on 10 September, 2017, and died in woodland an hour before her 25th birthday.Broughton, 29, of Enfield, north London, denies manslaughter by gross negligence and supplying the drug.William Mousley QC, prosecuting, said in his closing speech to ... more
  • 5 months Teenager, 16, Found Guilty Of Raping And Murdering Alesha MacPhail Huffingtonpost
    A 16-year-old boy has been found guilty of abducting, raping and murdering a six-year-old girl. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was convicted following a nine-day trial at the High Court in Glasgow. The jury took three hours to find him unanimously guilty. Schoolgirl Alesha MacPhail had arrived at the home her grandparents shared with her father, Robert or Rab MacPhail, on the Isle of Bute for the school holidays shortly before she went missing on 2 July last year.Her body was found in woods on the island hours later.The teen had blamed Toni McLachlan - the partner of ... more
  • 5 months Exclusive: The Independent Group Could Prop Up Theresa May’s Government In Return For A Referendum On Her Brexit Deal Huffingtonpost
    The Independent Group of Labour and Tory defectors could prop up Theresa May’s government in a confidence and supply arrangement, a leading member has said.This would include voting for any Brexit deal, if the prime minister put it to the public in a referendum.Gavin Shuker told HuffPost UK’s Commons People podcast it would be “in the national interest” to provide stability through any public vote, which could take a year to arrange.The group first made the offer in a meeting with the PM’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, last month.Shuker and then-Labour ... more
  • 5 months Air Pollution In The UK: How You Can Limit Exposure Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months Jeremy Corbyn Says Isis Bride Shamima Begum Should Not Be Stripped Of Citizenship Huffingtonpost
    Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the decision to strip Shamima Begum of her British citizenship, and said she should be permitted to return to the UK to face questioning.The Labour leader on Thursday criticised Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s action as “very extreme”, telling ITV News: “Well she obviously has, in my view, a right to return to Britain. On that return she must obviously face a lot of questions about everything she has done and at that point any action may or may not be taken.“But I think the idea of stripping somebody of their citizenship when they were born in ... more
  • 5 months Prosecutions Plunge To Record Low In England And Wales Huffingtonpost
    Prosecutions in England and Wales have fallen to a record low, official statistics show.In the year to September, 1.37 million defendants were proceeded against, a drop of 4% on the previous 12 months.The total number of individuals formally dealt with by the criminal justice system, including by cautions and penalty notices, also fell, by 5%, to 1.59 million.In both cases, these were the lowest numbers recorded since records started in 1970, the Ministry of Justice confirmed to the Press Association.The decreases come at a time when the number of crimes reported to police, including violent offences, are on the rise.Over ... more
  • 5 months Oscars 2019 | What You Need To Know Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months ‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Irks ‘White Males’ After Diversity Comments Huffingtonpost
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  • 5 months Tommy Robinson Supporter Cites ‘Lovely Little’ Muslim Friend As He’s Cleared Of Abuse Huffingtonpost
    A Tommy Robinson supporter who had an altercation an al-Jazeera journalist has been cleared of a religiously aggravated offence after telling magistrates he has a “lovely little” Muslim friend.William Eve, 57, confronted reporter Sonia Gallego during a rally for the English Defence League founder while he was in custody for allegedly committing contempt of court.A video played at City of London Magistrates’ Court on Thursday shows Eve accusing the reporter of being “Muslim-backed”, asking if she is “f*****g stupid” and calling her “a slag”.
    My interaction with a Tommy Robinson supporter today...— Sonia Gallego (@SoniaGallegoAJE) July 14, 2018The court ... more
  • 5 months Woman Upskirted By Male Passenger On Train From Glasgow Huffingtonpost
    A woman was upskirted by a male passenger on a train from Glasgow central station to East Renfrewshire on Saturday.The woman was standing in the aisle of the train when she reportedly had photographs taken under her clothing by the suspect.She was alerted to the man’s behaviour by a fellow female passenger and confronted the man before he disembarked at Clarkston station.The British Transport Police (BTP) are now appealing for witnesses to the incident, which happened between 9.50pm and 10.05pm on 9 February. 
    A woman was upskirted on a train from Glasgow on 09/02. We're appealing for more info, especially to ... more
  • 5 months Brit Awards 2019: Jack Whitehall’s Little Mix ‘Scatter Cushion’ Jokes Sparks Ofcom Complaints Huffingtonpost
    While Jack Whitehall’s stint hosting the Brit Awards last night went down a storm with many viewers, some took issue with one of his jokes.After Little Mix’s performance, Jack left some fans unimpressed when he commented that the band’s “raunchy” appearance had left “dads up and down the country awkwardly fumbling for a scatter cushion”.And on Thursday morning, broadcasting watchdog Ofcom confirmed they’ve already received 38 complaints about the gag, which they will be assessing before deciding whether to launch an investigation, as is standard procedure.Jack’s joke about the girl group was also picked up on by Twitter users, who ... more
  • 5 months Brit Awards 2019: 19 Celebs Who Really Let Their Hair Down At The After-Parties Huffingtonpost
    We’re not saying that the Brit Awards aren’t a laugh, but everyone in the industry knows the after parties are where it’s really at.After the red carpet (fun), dinner (pretty fancy) and actual awards show (a bit long), the real fun starts when the celebs are whisked off to various exclusive parties around London. The main three are held by record labels Warner, Sony and Universal and it’s not just stars of the music world who attend, as they’re often joined by familiar faces from reality TV, and Radio 1′s entire roster pops up too. Here are 19 stars who look like they ... more
  • 5 months Piers Morgan Bites Back At Jack Whitehall And Little Mix After Brit Awards Jibes Huffingtonpost
    Jack Whitehall was never going to get away with making a joke about Piers Morgan in front of millions of people at the Brits and get away with it. Sure enough, the presenter has now bitten back at both Jack and Little Mix for the gag, which saw them laughing at his “voluptuous breasts and four chins”. During the show, Jack was chatting to the band when he referenced their infamous feud with Piers over a naked photoshoot they’d done. “Piers Morgan. He didn’t like that picture where you stripped off naked,” Jack said. “Which is weird ... more
  • 5 months What You Need To Know About The Vatican’s Landmark Summit On Child Sex Abuse Huffingtonpost
    A cardinal burst into tears today as the Vatican opened a landmark conference on the sexual abuse of children, “wounds [that] have been inflicted by us, the bishops, on the victims”.The Roman Catholic Church is finally addressing the endemic, decades-old scandal within its ranks that has ravaged its credibility in the United States Ireland, Chile, Australia, and elsewhere and led to billions of dollars paid in settlements.The four-day event brings together the heads of national Catholic bishops conferences, Vatican officials, experts and heads of male and female religious orders.Pope Francis opened the conference ... more
  • 5 months Dublin Airport Temporarily Suspends Flights After Drone Sighting Huffingtonpost
    Dublin Airport temporarily suspended flights on Thursday after a drone was spotted over the airfield.“For safety reasons we are temporarily suspending flight operations due to the confirmed sighting of a drone over the airfield,” the airport announced in a tweet.The Irish Aviation Authority said a pilot reported a drone at around 11.30am, and that three flights were diverted due to the incident.One person apparently affected, tweeted: “Sitting on a plane on Dublin Airport runway... Drone spotted. This could be a long day with 2 kids.”
    Sitting on plane on Dublin Airport runway... Drone spotted. This could be a long day ... more
  • 5 months Police Arrest Men In ‘Blackface’ Fighting Outside Supermarket Huffingtonpost
    Two men have been arrested for disorderly behaviour following a brawl in Brighton, in which both of their faces were allegedly “blacked up”.Police were called to Western Road, at around 1.35pm on Tuesday, following reports that two men had painted their faces black and were fighting in front of shocked bystanders. One passer-by reportedly described the furore as an “unedifying sight” and “not what you expect to see outside Waitrose”, a witness told The Argus newspaper. A Sussex police spokesperson told HuffPost UK that a 36-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested on suspicion of displaying threatening or abusive writing or ... more
  • 5 months Allow Boys To Wear Skirts At School In Gender Neutral Uniform Policy, Says MP Huffingtonpost
    Schools should be made to allow boys to wear skirts as part of a gender neutral uniform policy, an MP has said.Layla Moran also revealed she spent six months as a school pupil thinking she was gay, as she insisted she had “no issue at all” with children learning about transgender issues.The Liberal Democrat education spokesman is to table legislation for schools to be made to introduce gender neutral uniform policies to stop pupils being treated unfairly.She said she was inspired to take up the cause after hearing from then-15 year-old Lib Dem member Jess Insall, who told the party’s ... more
  • 5 months Baby Ray Fish Raised In A Sandwich Bag “Hatches” Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 5 months Tory MP Christopher Davies Charged Over Expenses Claims Huffingtonpost
    Tory MP Christopher Davies has been charged over allegations he falsified two invoices in support of Parliamentary expenses claims.A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said on Thursday morning: “In November 2018, the Crown Prosecution Service received a file of evidence from the Metropolitan Police relating to an allegation that Christopher Davies, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, falsified two invoices in support of Parliamentary expenses claims.“Following a review of the evidence, the CPS has today charged Mr Davies with two offences of making a false instrument and one offence of providing false or misleading information for allowance claims.He will appear at Westminster ... more
  • 5 months Teenager Shot At London Train Station ‘After Argument On Hammersmith & City Line’ Huffingtonpost
    Barking station closed due to a stabbing on the Hammersmith & City— Luke. (@itslwilliams) February 21, 2019Officers are appealing for information after a teenager was shot at Barking train station late on Wednesday evening.Just after 11.30pm BTP officers, along with colleagues from the Metropolitan Police Service, were called to a report of a man having being stabbed at Barking train station.The London Ambulance Service took the victim to hospital, where a small bullet was discovered inside his abdomen. He remains in a serious condition.It is believed there was an argument which took place on board a Hammersmith and ... more
  • 5 months Brit Awards 2019: Calvin Harris’ Scottish Accent Left Quite A Few Viewers Shook Huffingtonpost
    There were quite a few surprises at last night’s Brit Awards.You know, like the actual Hugh Jackman opening the show, none of the international winners bothering to turn up and Aphex Twin not winning Best Male (jokes).But there was one moment that had rather a lot of viewers’ collective jaws hitting the floor.That moment wasn’t when Calvin Harris won the British Producer and British Single gongs (finally, btw), but when he opened his mouth and spoke WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT.Seems rather a lot of people either forgot, or simply had no prior knowledge, that Calvin is actually from Dumfries. Maybe ... more
  • 5 months 5 Ingenious Children’s Inventions That Would Make The World A Better Place Huffingtonpost
    If you could ask your childhood self to create an invention, what would it have done? Dispensed endless ice cream? Completed your homework for you? Stopped your parents from asking you to do chores?Well now – in proof that today’s kids are far cooler and more switched-on than we were – children between the ages of six and 11 were asked what they would make to improve the world, and their answers are remarkably selfless.The drawings, collected for the Future Founders project, feature everything from a ‘gun sucker inner’ to an ‘ocean organiser’ and ‘rubbish eater’. An illustrator then brought ... more
  • 5 months Brit Awards 2019: 6 Of The Best Trouser Suits For Women, Inspired By Beyoncé Huffingtonpost
    When Beyoncé and Jay-Z accepted their Brit Award for Best International Group last night, we couldn’t stop thinking about suits – and not because the pair were standing in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle. The power couple outdid themselves with some seriously lust-worthy co-ords and thankfully, you don’t have to be music industry royalty to recreate the look.Here are six of our favourite trouser suits for women available on the high street and online right now. Asymmetric Blue Suit, £79.00, TopshopThis dusty blue suit will instantly get you in the mood for spring. ... more
  • 5 months We Should All Love Our Reflection As Much As This Baby Does Huffingtonpost
    A baby’s joyous relationship with her reflection is taking the internet by storm.Four-month-old Khendi Mitchell was filmed giggling every time she saw herself in the mirror – and the video has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter.Khendi’s mum, Sydnie Lemora, hopes it will teach people to “love themselves first”, a lesson she says she learned from her own mum. “I always tell my daughter she is beautiful because my mum told me the same,” the 22-year-old from Texax, US, told the Press Association.[Read More: This baby’s excitement at being able to ... more
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