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  • 2 months Planet Organic Claims To Have Achieved 0% Food Waste – Here’s How They Did It Huffingtonpost
    Planet Organic claims to have become the first UK retailer to achieve zero edible food waste, by giving its leftovers away to communities in need.The organic supermarket, which has seven stores across London, no longer bins the food that it doesn’t sell, but arranges for volunteers to collect and redistribute via a food-sharing app called Olio. The partnership started in November 2017 and, in little over a year, has seen more than 55,188 portions of food – or 11 tonnes – diverted away from landfill. This has been used to provide 26,280 meals. [Read More: If you care about food waste, try ... more
  • 2 months MPs On Maternity Or Paternity Leave To Be Allowed To Vote By Proxy Huffingtonpost
    MPs on maternity or paternity leave will be allowed to vote by proxy if parliament agrees, the government has announced.The historic change to parliamentary rules comes after a heavily pregnant Labour MP postponed a Caesarean section in order to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal last week.Tulip Siddiq said the incident showed parliament needed “dragging into the 21st century ASAP”.Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the Commons, said today the scheme will be trialed for one year.“This is a step forward, removing the choice between parliamentary and parental responsibilities, and helping to make ... more
  • 2 months Remain Won’t Win Hearts And Minds With Materialist Messages Huffingtonpost
    Politics today feels a little too materialist and not analysed morally. Policies are argued from the perspective of benefits for GDP but their ethical value and purpose is never discussed. Sometimes it’s not the monetary value that people look to derive from politics when they listen to their elected representatives talk. Concepts such as democracy, fairness, justice, community and order have no material roots in them. They are not means to an end, not a process to something but the basis of politics itself.This is something the Leave side understood during the EU referendum. It didn’t matter that their arguments ... more
  • 2 months Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps In Berlin Zoo Huffingtonpost
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  • 2 months Prisoner Caught Rats In His Cell In ‘Filthy And Decrepit’ HMP Bedford Huffingtonpost
    An inmate in a prison that is “filthy and decrepit” was seen catching and killing rats during an inspection, a new report reveals. The latest investigation by the chief inspector of prisons described cells as lacking in basic utilities, such as properly flushing toilets. Pest control work had also failed to eradicate significant rat infestation, the report found.One notice on a door read: “Please ensure doors remain shut to prevent rats entering the wing!!!”The report said there was an infestation of vermin, adding that one segregated prisoner “caught and killed a number of rats in his cell during the inspection”.In September ... more
  • 2 months While We Spend More Time Arguing Over Brexit, Child Poverty Soars Huffingtonpost
    It used to be that reducing child poverty was a dominant issue that was addressed in public policy. Each year when the budget would come round there would be discussion about how much the government would give towards reducing child poverty, what new initiatives are being introduced and how much the government would be spending to fight this ongoing battle.Frustratingly, we have reached a point in time when child poverty is soaring in the UK with more time being spent arguing about Brexit than issues closer to home. Even before the beckoning of Brexit, the UK was still on a ... more
  • 2 months When It Comes To Air Pollution, Michael Gove Is The Secretary Of State For Procrastination Huffingtonpost
    Aside from what they would have you think, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been something of a convalescence home for Michael Gove since he took over as environment secretary in 2017. Following a series of embarrassments and controversies, from locking himself in the toilet on his first day as chief whip to his infamous eleventh hour betrayal of Boris Johnson in the 2016 leadership contest, Gove has been at pains to foment a collective amnesia among his Tory colleagues regarding his leadership credentials.By keeping his head firmly below the Brexit parapet and indulging in ineffectual but ... more
  • 2 months The Octogenarian Octopus Whisperer Huffingtonpost
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  • 2 months UK Weather: Brace Yourselves For Thundersnow As A Severe Weather Warning Is Issued Huffingtonpost
    A band of cold weather has brought snow and ice to large parts of the country – with some regions at risk of ‘thundersnow’ as winter tightens its grip.Yellow warnings of ice are to remain in place across most of the United Kingdom throughout Tuesday and into Wednesday, as cold air moves in behind the rain.Showers are forecast to continue to bring rain, sleet or snow at times, although significant flurries are expected to remain limited to higher ground.
    A Yellow severe weather warning for #Ice has been issued: Stay— Met ... more
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