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  • 3 months May’s Reckless Treatment Of Northern Ireland Is Typical Of Her Handling Of Brexit Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May, like many in her party, has never really been interested in Northern Ireland and is no friend to the Irish people, North or South.She’s barely visited since she became prime minister and, in stark contrast to most prime ministers in living memory, has made next to no effort to revive the political peace project that remains so precious and so fragile.In fact, it was in her reckless treatment of Northern Ireland’s delicately balanced politics that Theresa May’s trademark readiness to sacrifice the national interest for that of her party first became apparent. Her decision to forge a partnership with ... more
  • 3 months Can Liam Neeson’s Shame And Remorse Earn Him The Benefit Of The Doubt? Huffingtonpost
    Social justice is at heart about the emancipation of marginalised groups. The yearning to end a system of inequality, unfairness and discrimination is a commendable virtue to have. But sometimes, we immerse ourselves so deeply in ideology and become so lost in dogma that we lose our empathy and forget what our politics is about.In all the stories of racism we have heard recently, the one of Liam Neeson is something else. In a very candid interview, he admitted he once set out to murder an innocent black man after someone close to him had been raped. The ordeal left ... more
  • 3 months Premiere Of Liam Neeson’s New Film Cold Pursuit Abruptly Cancelled After Independent Interview Controversy Huffingtonpost
    The premiere of Liam Neeson’s new film Cold Pursuit was cancelled with just hours to go, following his admission he once had thoughts about killing a black person. The actor sparked outrage in an interview published earlier this week, in which he described actively walking the streets with a cosh, hoping to attack a black person as an act of revenge, after his friend was raped many years ago.After Liam made an appearance on US morning TV to attempt to explain the comments, organisers of the New York premiere of his film informed ... more
  • 3 months BBC Veteran John Humphrys Is Set To Leave Today Show This Year Huffingtonpost
    John Humphrys is set to step down from hosting BBC Radio 4’s Today programme after more than three decades, it has been reported.The veteran broadcaster said he had “indicated” his intentions to leave to his BBC bosses and “assumes” his last day will be in 2019, although he has not yet handed in his notice.Humphrys, 75, told the Daily Mail: “I’m assuming it’ll be this year. That’s what I’m assuming, but I haven’t fixed a date.”He said he had previously believed he would carry on doing the job “either until they threw me out or had enough of me, or ... more
  • 3 months Trump’s State Of The Union Was Not The Self-Destructive Spectacle Democrats Hoped, And Republicans Feared Huffingtonpost
    At an hour and twenty minutes, President Trump’s second State of the Union message on the longest on record. This was partly because of the jack-in-the-box behaviour of the members of the Senate and Congress, and their propensity to applaud at virtually every other sentence – it would have been nicer for the viewer if President Trump had just gotten on with it, but that wasn’t going to happen.It was, however, a small compensation watching Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader of the Senate, not rising and applauding every time the President said a key word; it was also notable ... more
  • 3 months State of the Union: Donald Trump Says Second North Korea Summit Will Take Place This Month Huffingtonpost
    Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are to hold their second summit at the end of February, the US president said in his State of the Union address. The meeting with the North Korean leader will take place in Vietnam on 27-28 February, Trump said while giving himself credit for averting a major war on the Korean Peninsula.The two previously met last summer in Singapore, though that meeting only led to a vaguely worded commitment by North Korea to denuclearise.Trump has been eager to hold a second summit in spite of a lack of concrete progress in persuading North Korea to give up ... more
  • 3 months 10 Things To See And Do In Sydney: Instagram Inspo For An Australian Adventure Huffingtonpost
    Sydney isn’t a city of dreams, so much as a city of daydreams. Whether you were born there, relocate or pay it a once-in-a-lifetime visit, the ‘Sydneysider’ spirit will get under your skin as quickly as the sun, sea and lavender skies. It’s like expat Aussie writer Clive James puts it: “My mind basks in the light I never left behind.” More than most, Sydney is a city for the waking hours.The land’s traditional custodians are the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation who peacefully inhabited the area for some 30,000 years before the arrival of Captain Cook in 1770. ... more
  • 3 months Deal Or No Deal, We Are Teetering On The Edge Of A Catastrophic Brexit Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement lies in tatters. Comprehensively rejected by Parliament, it only clings to life by the thinnest of threads – a possible renegotiation over the “backstop” that the EU has repeatedly refused to countenance and which the Prime Minister herself, until recently, told us was impossible.As a result, we teeter on the edge of a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.And make no mistake, falling out of the EU without an agreement, a transition or a workable plan would be a disaster for our country and for public services. But that doesn’t mean the withdrawal agreement is a good idea either – ... more
  • 3 months ‘I Used Dettol To Keep Myself Clean’: This Is What It’s Like To Survive FGM Huffingtonpost
    I was just ten years old when I was cut.I had no idea what was happening and no one was there to help me, not even my mother. I was taken to a house with other girls; some looked like they were only about three years old. I desperately wanted to protect them, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do, how to help, how to stop what was happening. I was stuck.It was my turn to be cut. I was blindfolded and pinned down, with a man sat on each arm so that I couldn’t move. I couldn’t escape. ... more
  • 3 months 9 Fabulous Cards To Show Your Gal Pals How Much You Love Them Huffingtonpost
    There’s nothing quite like the bond you have with your closest girlfriends. And while other people get mushy towards their other half on Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re smothering your favourite friends. Galentine’s Day, which takes place on 13th February, is the perfect day to celebrate your gal pals. We’ve rounded up some of the best cards to remind them how great you think they are.Wonder woman

    Wonder Woman Card, JoStevensonCreative on Etsy, £3We all have that friend who can do it – show them you’ve noticed.ForeverGal pals forever Galentine’s Day postcard, Paperchase, £0.80Simple, stylish and cute. Words to live bySisters before misters, ... more

  • 3 months Not Enough Parents Are Getting Flexible Work Hours – So What Can You Do? Huffingtonpost
    More than a third of working parents feel that flexible working isn’t available to them, despite all UK employees having the right to request it. Research by Bright Horizons and Working Families found a gap between those who wanted to work flexibly (86%) and those who actually did (49%). They surveyed 2,750 working parents in the UK and found a culture of “presenteeism” – where being physically present in the workplace is emphasised over actual productivity – is partly to blame, as well as unmanageable workloads. More than three quarters (78%) are working beyond their contracted hours, and half of these are doing so ... more
  • 3 months Why We’re Asking Public Sector Workers To Tell Us About Their Most Memorable Cases Huffingtonpost
    The morning of 14 June 2017 started like any other day. I arrived at my offices in Kensington early, coffee in hand, listening to the news bulletins on the radio. I had heard the reports of a fire nearby, but nothing could prepare me for the story that would unfold. Just a short time later, we understood the Grenfell Tower fire would be the worst tragedy Britain had endured in a generation. I witnessed the aftermath in Kensington as a reporter. It was clear then, as it remains now, that the grief suffered by this community would take decades to ... more
  • 3 months I Lost Two Colleagues In A High-rise Fire But I Still Had A Job To Do Huffingtonpost
    The Case I Can’t Forget is a weekly series that hears from the people working at the coalface of public service about the cases they have carried with them throughout their careers. This time, National Fire Chiefs Council Chair Roy Wilsher remembers the Harrow Court Fire of 2005, which claimed the lives of his colleagues Jeff Wornham, 28, and Michael Miller, 26.  As told to Lucy Pasha-Robinson. If you have a story you’d like to tell, email lucy.pasha-robinson@huffpost.comI was at home when I got the call in the early hours of the morning of 2 February 2005. “We’ve lost two officers,” were ... more
  • 3 months The Best Women’s Pyjamas To Keep You Warm This Winter Huffingtonpost
    When the weather is this cold there’s just one thing we want to do: hibernate. And no early night (or lazy day) is complete without super soft, long-sleeved, cosy pyjamas.Here’s our pick of some of the snuggliest on the high street at the moment. Pair with a water bottle and show that snow who’s boss. Just Keep Lounging Sleep Slogan Lounge Set, M&S, Top, £20, Bottoms, £20This sweatshirt with jogging bottom-style trousers is the perfect set to take you from sofa to bed. Ideal for a cosy night in front of the telly. Popcorn optional. Buy them here.Check It Out ASOS DESIGN Curve Mix & Match Check, ASOS, Shirt, ... more
  • 3 months ‘He Talked About Burying My Body’: 5 People On Fearing For Their Safety While Dating Huffingtonpost
    Jasmine Andersson knew something was wrong 10 minutes into the date. The man she had matched with on Bumble and just met for dinner at a food market in east London, said: “I could kill you and hide your body within 15 minutes.”“I said: ‘Sorry, what?’ And he says: ‘I’m joking, maybe it would take 20.’”The 26-year-old vividly remembers the exchange, even though it happened three years ago, because of the two-hour panic attack that followed. “My survival instincts kicked in. To not put myself in danger, I felt like I now had to tentatively see through the evening in ... more
  • 3 months Exclusive: No Plan To Replace Faulty Fire Doors Found Post-Grenfell Months After Pledge Huffingtonpost
    A plan to replace thousands of fire doors found to be defective in the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster has yet to materialise months after it was promised by the government.Last month, HuffPost UK revealed at least 25,000 doors that had failed safety testing were installed in public housing across the UK. Thousands of the products are identical to those blamed for helping spread the blaze at Grenfell, and are still in use.The government in July pledged the door industry would develop a programme to replace faulty models, but an ‘action plan’ has yet to emerge, HuffPost UK can reveal.Labour ... more
  • 3 months Thousands On Universal Credit Fall Behind On Rent While Waiting For First Payment Huffingtonpost
    Half of Universal Credit claimants who receive support with budgeting or making a claim online are falling behind on paying rent as they wait for their first payment, a report has found.Some 95,000 people supported by Citizens Advice, which provides free legal, digital and money advice, are facing rent arrears despite the government reducing the wait for the first payment to five weeks.The figures amount to the same number of people who had been struggling with paying rent when there was a six week wait for the first payment, according to Citizens Advice.Universal Credit has been beset with issues, such ... more
  • 3 months Ministers ‘In Denial’ About Desperate State Of Council Funding, Says Powerful Commons Committee Huffingtonpost
    Ministers are “in denial” over the “perilous” state town hall finances have been left in following eight years of austerity, MPs have said. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has investigated how English councils have coped with their budgets being almost halved by Whitehall since 2010. The powerful cross-party group found under-pressure town hall chiefs forced to overspend just to keep essential services going. Meanwhile demand for services is peaking, with homelessness having doubled and the rate of looked-after children at a 25-year high. Committee chair Meg Hillier slammed “quick fixes” by Westminster which showed “an unacceptable lack ... more
  • 3 months Battersea Murder Probe: Teenager Stabbed To Death In South London Huffingtonpost
    A man has died after he was stabbed in Battersea, south London, the Metropolitan Police said.Police were called to Wolsey Court, off Westbridge Road, at 7.52pm and found a man, believed to be 19 years old, with stab injuries.He died at the scene at 8.36pm. His next of kin have been informed.The Met said in a statement: “A murder investigation has been launched in Battersea after a man was fatally stabbed.“Police were called to Wolsey Court, off Westbridge Road, Battersea, at 7.52pm to reports of a stabbing.“A male, believed to be 19 years old, was found with stab injuries. Despite the ... more
  • 3 months Calais Boss Ridicules ‘Failing’ Chris Grayling – And Says He Would ‘Ban’ Minister From French Town Huffingtonpost
    The boss of the Port of Calais has branded Transport Secretary Chris Grayling “failing Grayling” and has said he would ban the minister from his town. Jean-Marc Puissesseau, also Calais’ deputy mayor, said Theresa May’s Cabinet ally had shown “disrespect” to his French seaside town over Brexit plans to divert ferries via Belgium if Britain crashes out of the EU.The chief hit out in January after Grayling awarded £100m of contracts to three ferry companies - one of which was Seaborne Freight, which does not have a single operational ferry - while French ... more
  • 3 months Is Iris Apfel The World’s Oldest Supermodel? Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 3 months Libby Squire: Police Look Into Reports Of ‘Blood-Curdling’ Scream On The Night She Disappeared Huffingtonpost
    Police searching for missing student Libby Squire are following up several lines of inquiry including reports that a neighbour heard a “blood-curdling” scream on the night she disappeared.Humberside Police said they have received hundreds of calls since the 21-year-old University of Hull student was reported missing from the city in the early hours of Friday morning and are taking statements from people living in the area she was last seen.Squire was dropped off in a taxi near her home on Wellesley Avenue at around 11.29pm on Thursday and was seen 10 minutes later on CCTV near a bench on Beverley ... more
  • 3 months Emiliano Sala: Attempts To Recover Body Seen In Plane Wreckage Have Begun, Investigators Say Huffingtonpost
    Efforts to recover the body seen in the wreckage of a plane carrying Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala have begun, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch has said.The light aircraft was discovered on Sunday on the seafloor of the English Channel off the coast of Alderney, nearly two weeks after it disappeared.A spokesperson for the AAIB said recovery would be “slow” as the team will use a remotely operated vehicle.Strong currents and passing vessels will make conditions tougher to recover the plane, which is about 67 metres deep.“We are attempting to recover the body. If we are successful, we will consider ... more
  • 3 months The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits A North London School To Support Children’s Mental Health Week Huffingtonpost
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  • 3 months Theresa May Accused Of ‘Shafting’ Northern Ireland Over Brexit By Pandering To DUP And Tory MPs Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May has been accused of “shafting” Northern Ireland over Brexit by pandering to the DUP and her hardline Eurosceptic MPs.The Prime Minister faced criticism on a visit to Belfast as business leaders and nationalist politicians warned her not to ditch the so-called ‘backstop’ plan designed to keep open the province’s border with Ireland.Apparently stung by the criticism, May insisted that she would not in fact dump the ‘insurance policy’ and even suggested that she may not go ahead with a hi-tech trade monitoring scheme proposed by Brexiteer Tory MPs.That in turn ... more
  • 3 months Theresa May Risks Fresh Brexiteer Rebellion Over Backstop Huffingtonpost
    Theresa May has risked triggering a fresh rebellion from Tory MPs after she said she would not try to remove the backstop plan from the Brexit deal.Speaking in Northern Ireland on Tuesday, the prime minister said she was not proposing to strike an agreement that did not “contain that insurance policy for the future”.“What parliament has said is that they believe there should changes made to the backstop,” she said.May will meet European Council president Donald Tusk in Brussels on Thursday afternoon to try and hammer out a revised deal after MPs ... more
  • 3 months Doreen Lawrence Says Police Forces Still ‘Institutionally Racist’ Decades After Inquiry Into Son’s Murder Huffingtonpost
    The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has claimed police forces are still “institutionally racist”, 20 years on from an inquiry into her son’s death.Giving evidence at the Commons Home Affairs committee on Monday, Baroness Doreen Lawrence offered a bleak view of race relations in Britain.She argued there had been limited progress on the 70 recommendations outlined in the Macpherson report into her son’s killing in 1993, for society to show “zero tolerance” for racism.The Labour peer said areas of particular concern for her include policing, education and youth and that she believes the importance of the inquiry’s findings and ... more
  • 3 months Kerry Katona Says Public Are More Forgiving To Ant McPartlin Than Her Because He’s A Man Huffingtonpost
    Kerry Katona has said she feels the public have shown much more forgiveness to Ant McPartlin than her because he’s a man.During her time in the spotlight, Kerry has had a number of much-publicised struggles with mental illness and substance abuse, revealing in 2018 that she’d been drug-free for nine years.Meanwhile, Ant McPartlin took a break from his work commitments last year so he could focus on his recovery, after being found guilty of drink-driving.With Ant having gone back to work, Kerry has reflected on the Iceland contract she lost when she was involved in a cocaine scandal, comparing the ... more
  • 3 months Girls Breach Barrier To Greet The Pope in Abu Dhabi Huffingtonpost
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  • 3 months Roxanne Pallett Reveals Piers Morgan Was Her ‘Rock’ After Celebrity Big Brother Controversy Huffingtonpost
    Roxanne Pallett has made the surprising admission that Piers Morgan has been an unlikely source of support for her in the aftermath of her infamous Celebrity Big Brother stint.The former Emmerdale actress was at the centre of a media storm last year when she falsely accused fellow CBB contestant Ryan Thomas of punching her “deliberately” and “repeatedly” in the ribs while in the house.After leaving conceded that her claims had been an “exaggeration” upon leaving the house, Roxanne recently revealed she’s undergone therapy to overcome depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.She has now disclosed how Piers has been someone to lean on through those difficult ... more
  • 3 months Richard E Grant Is Living The Dream At Oscars Luncheon Huffingtonpost
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  • 3 months ‘Seeds Of Hillsborough Disaster Were Sown 10 Years Before’, Court Hears Huffingtonpost
    Stadium features including turnstiles, signage, fences and an overstated capacity were all potential factors in the cause of the Hillsborough disaster, the trial of match commander David Duckenfield has heard.Giving evidence to Preston Crown Court for a second day on Tuesday, structural engineer John Cutlack said the safe capacity for the West Terrace, where the fatal crush happened at the FA Cup semi-final on April 15, 1989, was about 30% lower than the number of tickets sold.The jury heard the safety certificate for Sheffield Wednesday showed the terrace had a capacity of 7,200, but Cutlack calculated it would have been ... more
  • 3 months Black Rastafarian Man Considering Legal Action Against National Express After Being Thrown Off Coach Huffingtonpost
    A black Rastafarian man is preparing to launch legal action against National Express for discrimination after he was kicked off a coach despite having a valid ticket, in an incident that the company has accepted was “handled incorrectly.”North Londoner Gilbert Watt had booked the 2.30am service from Cardiff to London, in order to travel to work on Tuesday morning, following a visit to his partner in Barry. The 58-year-old was challenged by the driver for not producing a hard copy of his ticket instead of the e-ticket that he’d presented on his mobile phone, as he has done numerous times before.He was ... more
  • 3 months This Is Not A Drill: Chips Are Getting Shorter Because Of Climate Change Huffingtonpost
    Climate change could be coming to a plate near you soon. As if David Attenborough’s warnings of global destruction weren’t bad enough, climate change is now impacting the size of our chips, according to new research.The Climate Coalition – a group of more than 100 organisations and charities including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam and the RSPB – has claimed the length of our favourite fried treat has shrunk by as much as an inch because of the impacts of unpredictable weather and climate change.  Potato yields were down an average of 20% in England and Wales in 2018 compared to the ... more
  • 3 months Liam Neeson Breaks Silence On Independent Interview Controversy, Insisting He’s ‘Not Racist’ Huffingtonpost
    Liam Neeson has spoken out amid the backlash he is facing for comments he made in an interview with The Independent.Speaking about the idea of revenge, Liam recalled to the newspaper that decades earlier, he had walked the streets at night with the intention of “killing” a black man, after his friend told him that she had been raped.Speaking on Good Morning America on Tuesday, the Taken actor addressed the controversy for the first time, insisting that he is “not racist” and attempted to offer explanation for his comments. “We were doing a press junket,” he told the host. “And the ... more
  • 3 months ‘World Record Egg’ Revealed To Be Mental Health Campaign Huffingtonpost
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  • 3 months Sajid Javid Compared To Enoch Powell By Labour MP Janet Daby Huffingtonpost
    Sajid Javid has been compared to Enoch Powell during heated exchanges in the Commons.Janet Daby, the Labour MP for Lewisham East, hit out at the “disturbing” tone used by the home secretary as he defended a planned deportation flight.“I feel he sounds like Enoch Powell in reincarnation,” she told Javid on Tuesday.Dozens of British residents are due to be flown out of the UK to Jamaica tomorrow.Javid said he was required by law to deport the people, all of whom he said had been convicted of “very serious crimes” including rape and murder.And ... more
  • 3 months Holby City Actor Rushed To Dying Daughter As Her Boyfriend Branded Her A ‘Drama Queen’, Court Hears Huffingtonpost
    The daughter of Holby City actor John Michie was killed at a festival after taking drugs from her boyfriend as her father rushed to help her, a court heard.Louella Fletcher-Michie, 24, overdosed and died as her boyfriend, Ceon Broughton, 29, filmed her after giving her the substance, it is alleged.She took the Class A party drug 2-CP at Bestival, in Dorset, on 10 September 2017 and died an hour before her 25th birthday.Her parents rushed to the site after telephoning Broughton as Louella overdosed and heard her “screeching”, Winchester Crown Court heard.However, Broughton insisted she was fine and referred to ... more
  • 3 months Grave Of Karl Marx Vandalised In ‘Suspected Far-Right Attack’ Huffingtonpost
    An historic monument that marks Karl Marx’s grave has been vandalised in a suspected “far right” act of political vandalism. The chief executive of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust, Ian Dungavell, said gardeners had noticed the damage on Monday, but believes it could have been done as early as Friday. The north London cemetery trustee said: “This is a really important part of the monument and it seems to be a pretty crude form of political vandalism.”He said he suspected it was politically motivated because most of the damage was done to the inscription of the name of the philosopher and ... more
  • 3 months John Barnes Says Liam Neeson ‘Deserves A Medal’ Amid Controversy Over Independent Interview Huffingtonpost
    Former England footballer John Barnes has delivered an impassioned defence of Liam Neeson, amid the actor’s recent comments about deliberately walking the streets hoping to “kill” a black man after a friend of his was sexually assaulted “many years ago”.John was asked about the subject during a segment on Sky News, which began with him saying that he felt the Taken star “deserves a medal” for his honesty about his past behaviour.“I’ve listened to the whole transcript,” John stated. “And Liam Neeson was talking about his film [and] revenge. He was talking ... more
  • 3 months Far From Being Stifled, The BBC Must Be Future-proofed For Generations To Come Huffingtonpost
    This week, Bectu submitted its formal response to the BBC’s consultation on the future of free licence fees for over-75s, arguing that responsibility for this welfare benefit must rest with the government.The consultation has exposed the financial scale of the poison chalice passed to the Corporation’s Board. Following the government’s withdrawal of funding for free licences from 2020, the BBC faces an invidious choice between restricting free licences to homes entitled to pension credit, scrapping the concession entirely or footing a £745million annual bill that will cause irreversible harm to existing services – and suffocate the BBC’s ability to grow ... more
  • 3 months Wetherspoon’s Brexit-Themed Mail-Out Dodges Regulators Huffingtonpost
    JD Wetherspoon has attracted dozens of complaints after sending a Brexit-themed magazine to thousands of households in the post, but multiple regulators said no action will be taken. The pub chain, which is chaired by Leave-supporter Tim Martin, issued an abridged version of its in-house publication via Royal Mail for the first time in its history at the end of last month.The publication, which included a series of articles for and against Brexit, attracted a wave of complaints on social media, as well as to regulators and Wetherspoon itself, HuffPost UK has found.The ... more
  • 3 months Alcohol-Related Hospital Admissions And Deaths Have Rocketed In The Last Year Huffingtonpost
    Alcohol-related hospital admissions in the UK rose by 100,000 people last year – and deaths have rocketed by 16% in the last decade, new NHS figures show.A total of 1.2 million people were taken to hospital with an alcohol-related problem in 2017-18 – that’s 7.2% of all hospital admissions. The report also shows a 6% year-on-year rise in the number of alcohol-specific deaths, from 5,507 in 2016 to 5,843 in 2017 – a rise of 16% in 10 years.Addiction treatment experts are now urging the government to stop ignoring the “double-whammy” crisis that alcohol is causing for the NHS.  [Read More: Meet ... more
  • 3 months Ferne McCann Shares Her Side Of The Story After Adam Collard Altercation Huffingtonpost
    Ferne McCann has set the record straight over an altercation between herself and former Love Island contestant Adam Collard, which took place last month.It had been reported the two were involved in a heated row at an after party at last month’s National Television Awards, which ended in Adam calling the police on the former TOWIE cast member when she threw her drink at him.After the incident, Ferne posted a statement revealing she did throw her drink after receiving what she called “serious abuse and intimidation” from Adam, including comments about her one-year-old daughter, Sunday.Speaking to The Sun, Ferne insisted: “My ... more
  • 3 months I’ve Created My Own Space To Be Black And LGBTQ Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 3 months New RSPCA Report Finds A Sharp Rise In Animals Injured By Plastic Huffingtonpost
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  • 3 months Daniel Williams: Body Found In Search For Missing Reading University Student Huffingtonpost
    Officers searching for missing student Daniel Williams, 19, have found a body in a lake on the Whiteknights campus at the University of Reading on Tuesday morning, Thames Valley Police said.A police statement said: “Although formal identification is yet to take place, the family of Daniel Williams has been informed of the development. Daniel has been missing since 12am on Thursday (31/1).”Superintendent Stan Gilmour, Local Policing Area Commander for Reading, said: “Tragically officers searching for Daniel have located a body. While the identity of the person who died is yet to be established, we have informed Daniel’s family and are ... more
  • 3 months Arlene Foster Says EU ‘Intransigence’ Could Force No-Deal Brexit Huffingtonpost
    DUP leader Arlene Foster has accused the EU and Ireland of “intransigence” that could lead to a no-deal Brexit.Theresa May will use a speech in Northern Ireland on Tuesday to insist she can secure a Commons majority for a Brexit deal that “commands broad support” as efforts continue to find an alternative to the backstop.May will acknowledge that it is a “concerning time” but “we will find a way to deliver Brexit” that honours commitments including avoiding a hard border with Ireland.On Wednesday May will hold talks with Northern Ireland’s political leaders, ... more
  • 3 months Security Minister Says ISIS Hostage John Cantlie Is Still Alive Huffingtonpost
    A British hostage held by Islamic State for seven years is still alive, according to the UK security minister.Briefing a group of foreign journalists and researchers at the Home Office on Tuesday morning, Ben Wallace said the government believes John Cantlie is still a prisoner of the terrorist group.Captured by IS in Syria in 2012, he had fronted a series of propaganda videos for Islamic State but had not been seen alive since a video was released in 2016.HuffPost US’s Akbar Shahid Ahmed who was present at the briefing, said Wallace reiterated that the UK does not negotiate with terrorists and ... more
  • 3 months Leeds Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening Labour’s Yvette Cooper Huffingtonpost
    A man has been arrested in Leeds on suspicion of making threats against Labour MP Yvette Cooper.The 59-year-old man was detained on Friday and has since been released on bail.The nature of the threats has not been reported.According to the Wakefield Express, the threats had prompted police officers to attend a Labour constituency meeting last week as a precautionary measure. West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “As a result of information received in relation to alleged threats against a serving MP, officers arrested a 59-year-old Leeds man in Castleford on Friday.“He has been bailed pending further advice from the Crown Prosecution ... more
  • 3 months Need A Break? This Is Why Palming Your Kids Off To Their Grandparents Is So Important Huffingtonpost
    Parenting can feel like an emotional rollercoaster compounded by exhaustion – but sometimes asking for help just adds to the anxiety of it all. Going to your own parents may feel like the logical choice, but nobody wants to be a burden. They’re old, you think – they’ve already worked hard raising you, shouldn’t you let them enjoy the peace and quiet they’ve earned?Wonderfully, you don’t have to think like that. Science is on your side: handing your children over to their grandparents is not only good for you, it’s good for your parents and kids as well. Everyone’s a ... more
  • 3 months Alpacas And Other Zoo Animals Visit Care Home For Elderly People With Dementia Huffingtonpost
    A nursing home has recruited a herd of alpacas and a host of other animals to keep residents company in animal therapy sessions.Hadleigh Nursing Home, run by Kingsley Healthcare in Ipswich, Suffolk, specialises in care for elderly people with dementia and decided to add the classes to the activity schedule after a successful trial. The first time the pensioners and alpacas met, care workers said that residents who didn’t normally talk or engage with their peers were animated, excited and had their mood lifted.[Read More: Why Sending Kids To Nursery In A Care Home Is A Game Changer]
    Hadleigh Nursing Home ... more
  • 3 months Piers Morgan Condemns Liam Neeson For ‘Staggeringly Racist’ Interview Comments Huffingtonpost
    Piers Morgan has compared Liam Neeson’s “staggeringly racist” comments during a recent interview to the actions of the Ku Klux Klan, after the actor admitted to once wanting to “kill a black man”.On Monday, Liam sparked outrage when an interview was published in which he described actively walking the streets with a cosh many years, hoping to attack a black person, as an act of revenge, after his friend was raped.After the admission made headline news across the globe, Piers discussed the story on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, admitting he believes Liam’s career ... more
  • 3 months Swans, Geese and Seals Are Choking To Death On Plastic Litter In The UK Huffingtonpost
    Warning: this article contains images some people may find distressing.Britain’s wildlife is choking to death on litter and the nation’s plastic habit could be having disastrous consequences, a new RSPCA report has claimed. The charity recorded a 22% rise in incidents affecting animals that involve plastic litter – there were 579 incidents of animals suffering because of plastic in 2018, up from 473 in 2015. Animals living in water habitats were most affected. Despite the rise in plastic litter affecting animals, the RSPCA saw a downward trend for wildlife being injured by other types ... more
  • 3 months John Travolta Reveals ‘Good Friend’ Pitbull Was His Bald-spiration Huffingtonpost
    John Travolta has revealed the unlikely inspiration for his new look, after getting the thumbs up from fans for embracing his baldness.After years of sporting wigs and hairpieces (with varying levels of effectiveness), John debuted a bald look last month, in a New Year post he shared on Instagram.Discussing the decision to go au naturel in an interview with Extra, he revealed a rather unexpected pal of his convinced him to do it.A good friend, Armando Perez, Pitbull — he lives his life like this,” John explained, before noting the Give Me Everything rapper would send him superimposed photos He ... more
  • 3 months Disgraced Warwick Uni Rape Threat Students ‘Will Not Return’ To Campus Despite Ban Being Lifted Huffingtonpost
    Two Warwick students involved in a group chat that threatened to rape “100 women” will not be returning to the university, despite a ban on their attendance being lifted.Vice chancellor Stuart Croft said on Monday evening he had spoken to the men and had agreed they would not return to the campus in September.“I am continuing to listen to the views of students, staff and all members of our community here at Warwick and support them so that we can learn from this experience,” Croft added.The university said there will be enhanced wellbeing support for the students and staff affected ... more
  • 3 months Man City Asks Girls To Share Their Best Goalscoring Moments – And They Don’t Disappoint Huffingtonpost
    Manchester City Football Club is asking young girls to share videos of themselves scoring or saving goals in return for a free limited edition football. The football club is using the hashtag #SameGoals to encourage more young  female players to play the sport. 
    We are creating a movement, getting girls scoring goals! 🙌Share your video scoring a goal using #SAMEGOALS and we’ll send you a free football ⚽️T&Cs ➡️— Manchester City (@ManCity) February 4, 2019Twitter has not disappointed with proud parents sharing videos of their daughters scoring goals both on and off the pitch. The club has already had hundreds of ... more
  • 3 months Crocs Has Released A $300 Bag And It’s All Kinds Of Fugly Huffingtonpost
    Crocs have long been popular among the gardening community and the odd child, but the brand seems intent on targeting a new kind of customer: the fashion-forward hipster.As if croc heels weren’t enough, the brand has released a crossbody bag, which resembles the offending shoe. And not only is it just as ugly, but will set you back $300 (£230) – and that’s for one, not a pair.The bag is the birth child ... more
  • 3 months Are Our Brexit Contingency Plans Fit For Purpose? Huffingtonpost
    A week ago, Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, told Parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy that media stories about martial law having to be declared in the event of a no-deal Brexit were “complete nonsense”.He was less categorical when asked about using the emergency powers provisions of part two of the Civil Contingencies Act, saying merely that there was “no plan” to do so. But Sir Mark might not have been quite so sanguine had he been appearing after, rather than just before, the contradictory House of Commons votes on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.Those emergency powers ... more
  • 3 months Love Island’s Jack Fincham Apologises After Admitting To Cocaine Use Huffingtonpost
    Love Island winner Jack Fincham has apologised to his fans after admitting to taking cocaine.Jack has referred to his use of the drug as a “terrible error”, saying that he’s been offered cocaine “a lot” at events a lot since leaving Love Island, but said decided to try it on Saturday after a night of drinking.Jack told The Sun: “I’d never normally be in these situations but, yes, since winning the show I have been offered cocaine a lot.“But I went out all night, I was drinking and I just got ­carried away and made a stupid, stupid mistake which ... more
  • 3 months Exclusive: Secret No-Deal Brexit Plan To Slash Tariffs On All Imports Huffingtonpost
    Ministers are secretly planning to unilaterally cut tariffs on all imports to zero in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in a move that could flood the market with cheap goods and “ruin” industry, HuffPost UK has learnt. Trade Secretary Liam Fox wants to use executive powers – reserved only for ministers – to make a last-minute change to the Trade Bill which would allow the government to dramatically slash tariffs on all foreign goods.It has been described by manufacturing union the GMB as “the ultimate Brexit betrayal”. Fox revealed his strategy to industry ... more
  • 3 months Woman Detained For Fire At Paris Apartment Building Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 3 months Richard E Grant Gets His Life At Oscar Nominees Lunch As He Fanboys Over Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper And Rami Malek Huffingtonpost
    Richard E Grant might be acting royalty but he unleashed his inner fanboy at this year’s Oscar Nominees Luncheon.The 61-year-old is up for the Best Supporting Actor at this year’s Academy Awards for his role opposite Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me?On Monday, Richard attended the posh lunch at the Beverly Hilton in LA and proceeded to get starstruck at every turn.And what does every fanboy or girl do when presented with such a pinch-me moment? Take a shed load of selfies of course…— Richard E. Grant (@RichardEGrant) February 5, 2019
    You’ll understand why I am ... more
  • 3 months How Britain’s Mid-Sized Cities Are The Key To Our Economic Future Huffingtonpost
    As the government’s Brexit bandwidth continues to dominate domestic policy proceedings, efforts to develop solutions to the UK’s pressing productivity and social mobility crises have been put on the back burner. As crises only become worse when neglected, this situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.That is why the 24 mid-sized cities of the Key Cities Group have come together to launch a new report, Key Cities: Cities in Action. The report sets out the additional powers, resources and freedoms mid-sized cities need as part of a new post-Brexit settlement to deliver stronger economic growth, better social mobility and improved ... more
  • 3 months These Were The Most Popular Baby Names In 1919 Huffingtonpost
    Baby name trends come and go, but some monikers have real staying power ― like 100 years’ worth. Knowing that the US Social Security Administration’s database tracks baby name popularity going back to the 1880s, we decided to take a look at American parents’ top picks from a century ago. It turns out that many popular names remain popular (think William, James and Elizabeth), while others (like Mildred, Gladys and Ralph) have faded. Still others (like Evelyn) declined in popularity over the 20th century but made a resurgence in recent years. Below, the 25 most popular baby names for boys and girls in 1919:GirlsMaryHelenDorothyMargaretRuthMildredVirginiaElizabethFrancesAnnaEvelynMarieAliceFlorenceBettyIreneLillianDorisRoseLouiseGladysEdnaCatherineRubyMartha.BoysJohnWilliamJamesRobertCharlesGeorgeJosephEdwardFrankThomasWalterRichardHaroldRaymondPaulHenryDonaldAlbertArthurHarryJackRalphWillieHowardClarence.