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  • 4 hours You Can Still Get Takeaway Coffee In England, But Should You? Huffingtonpost
    Takeaway coffee, tea and hot chocolate has offered a sip of liquid normality during lockdown. As one of the last remaining permitted “treats”, it’s been an easy pick-me-up (and heat-me-up) as we embark on chilly walks. It’s also helped us support our favourite cafés and coffee shops during a tough time. But hot drinks are under threat. Scotland has tightened the rules on takeaway food and drink. Customers are no longer able to enter venues to pick up items. Instead, only businesses offering an outdoor or hatch service can operate. ... more
  • 4 hours Funny And Relatable Tweets About Pandemic Birthdays Huffingtonpost
    The Covid-19 pandemic has touched almost every aspect of our daily lives, especially the fun parts like dining at restaurants, travelling the world and celebrating birthdays. Many people have turned to Twitter to vent and find the humour in the reality of spending birthdays in lockdown ― from awkward Zoom parties to new ways of blowing out candles. We’ve rounded up 30 funny and relatable tweets about pandemic birthdays. Enjoy! Nothing says "I'm turning 38 during a pandemic" like asking for sweatpants for your birthday.— The Salty ... more
  • 4 hours Scared Of Painting Your Own Walls? Here’s How To Get Started Huffingtonpost
    You’re reading Here, Try This – our month-long plan encouraging you to try something new every day. With so many of us working from home right now, the chances are you’re probably sick of staring at the same four corners all day, every day.  So, why not spruce them up? Repainting your home, even a single wall, is a simple way to bring some pizzaz to your life. And whether you own a place or rent, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved – check out the Instagram account @ColourfiedHomes for ... more
  • 4 hours I’ve Experienced US Capitol Security Firsthand — And It Was Nothing Like The Rioters Saw Huffingtonpost
    Living in Washington, DC, I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time at the Capitol with my children, starting from when they were very young. One of my sweet, feisty daughters has complex medical needs and multiple disabilities. She started visiting the Capitol with me when she was just four years old to advocate for access to the health care she will need for the rest of her life. Because assaults on civil rights and the rights of disabled people have not stopped, we have ... more
  • 4 hours ‘Very Funny, Very Smart’: How Ryan Reynolds Became Hollywood’s Most Likeable (And Bankable) Star Huffingtonpost
    For a while, it looked like Ryan Reynolds was always going to be stuck in (forgettable) rom-com land, thanks to his turns in the likes of The Change-Up, Definitely Maybe and Just Friends. While it was never a problem landing roles, for years the Canadian-American actor always seemed to be on the periphery of the big time and bonafide household name status. But just as it was all looking a bit Channing Tatum, and after a false start in 2011′s big budget flop Green Lantern, it was Deadpool five years later that truly cemented Ryan’s place on the ... more
  • 4 hours The Best (And Worst) Vegan Dinners From Supermarkets – Ranked By Us Huffingtonpost
    A record number of people signed up to do Veganuary this year, with 500,000 pledging to adopt a plant-based diet throughout the first month of the year. We’ve shared some vegan recipes that could help you along the way, but you might also be interested in the easier options supermarkets are offering that are meat- and dairy-free. From ready-meals to meat replacements, the HuffPost UK Life team has taste tested a lot of vegan food from UK supermarkets over the past few weeks to find out what’s worth shouting ... more
  • 11 hours 5 Inventive Covid Measures Scientists Want The Government To Introduce Huffingtonpost
    Scientific advisers to the government on Friday published a batch of papers that contained a series of measures to help get the Covid-19 spike under control – but they require government action. Documents prepared for the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) were published following the recent surge in cases, and it warned “lockdown alone may not be sufficient to reduce infection rates”. Here are five of the most eye-catching proposals. 1. “Vaccinate in places of worship and door to door” The scientists raised concern about lower uptake of the Covid-19 ... more
  • 12 hours Could Boris Johnson Surprise Everyone With A Gradual, Careful ‘Unlockdown’? Huffingtonpost
    You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. It’s one of the many contradictions about Boris Johnson that he loves to be seen as a man of action, even though dithering is a key part of his political psyche. Or, to adapt the old joke, he used to be indecisive, but now he’s not so sure.‌ I’ve written before about the PM’s prevaricate-then-panic style of leadership and we had more evidence of it today with his big reveal on ... more
  • 15 hours These Are The Places In The UK With The Highest And Lowest Covid Rates Right Now Huffingtonpost
    Data shows that the number of Covid cases has fallen in every region of England for the first time during the second wave of the pandemic, but rates remain extremely high in many areas of the country.  Knowsley in Merseyside currently has the highest rate of infection in the country, while North East Lincolnshire has the lowest. Here are four lists to help you make sense of the latest NHS data.  The two following lists are both presented as the number of cases per 100,000 people, over a seven-day ... more
  • 16 hours Insurers Told To Pay Small Firms For Covid Losses – But It Comes Too Late For Some Huffingtonpost
    Insurers have been ordered to pay out business interruption claims to the tune of £1.2 billion in a landmark Supreme Court ruling. But as small businesses across the country celebrate the win, the ruling has come too late for some who have already had to lay off staff or even close altogether.  Back in April 2020, HuffPost UK reported how thousands of small businesses had been “abandoned” by their insurers after their claims were deemed ineligible for a series of bizarre reasons, including there not being an outbreak on ... more
  • 16 hours Covid Hospital Admissions Likely To Peak In Next 10 Days, Says Chris Whitty Huffingtonpost
    The peak of new hospital admissions of people with coronavirus will be “over the next week to 10 days”, England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty has said.  He told a Downing Street press conference on Friday “we hope” that the peak of infections “already has happened” in the south-east, east and London, where there was a surge in the Kent variant, but will be later elsewhere. “The peak of deaths I fear is in the future, the peak of hospitalisations in some parts of the country may be around ... more
  • 16 hours Boris Johnson Shuts All Travel Corridors To Stop Covid Variants Entering UK Huffingtonpost
    Boris Johnson has shut all travel corridors to the UK from 4am on Monday, meaning no one can enter the country without a negative Covid test result and everyone must quarantine on arrival. The test must have been taken within the previous 72 hours. The prime minister tightened the border amid concerns that a new Brazilian variant of coronavirus could be imported to the UK. Once people arrive in the country they will also have to begin 10 days of isolation, unless they again test negative for Covid after ... more
  • 17 hours Loose Women’s Saira Khan Admits She Had To ‘Tolerate’ Certain Panellists: ‘Some I Really Don’t Miss’ Huffingtonpost
    Former Loose Women star Saira Khan has admitted she had to “tolerate” some of her fellow panellists during her time on the show.  The former Apprentice candidate recently announced her departure from the ITV lunchtime show after five years.  Following her exit, Saira has hinted things were not as rosy behind the scenes as they appeared on screen, saying there are some co-stars who she “really doesn’t miss at all”.  Speaking on Scott McGlynn’s Celebrity Skin Talk on Instagram Live, Saira said: “You make friends with some people, you tolerate ... more
  • 17 hours UK Records 1,280 More Coronavirus Deaths In 24 Hours Huffingtonpost
    The number of people who have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus has risen to 87,295 – an increase of 1,280 over 24 hours. The government also said that, as of 9am on Friday, there had been a further 55,761 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK. It brings the total number of cases in the UK to 3,260,258.  Separate figures published by the UK’s statistics agencies for deaths where Covid-19 has been mentioned on the death certificate, together with additional data on deaths that have ... more
  • 18 hours Man In Court Accused Of Tricking Woman, 92, Into Paying £160 For Fake Covid Vaccine Huffingtonpost
    A 33-year-old man has appeared in court accused of tricking a 92-year-old woman into paying him £160 to administer a fake coronavirus vaccine.   David Chambers is charged with two counts of fraud by false representation, common assault and two counts of breaking London tier 4 restrictions on travel over the incident in Surbiton, south-west London on December 30. His alleged victim is said to have allowed him into her home after Chambers allegedly said he was there to administer the Covid-19 vaccine. The City of London Police said it is not known what substance, if any, was ... more
  • 19 hours Revealed: Universal Credit Glitches Left People ‘Destitute’ At Christmas Huffingtonpost
    The glitch-ridden Universal Credit benefit system left claimants destitute over Christmas, with one ending up with just 9p in the bank and living off food parcels. Caroline Rae was made redundant from food supplier Compass Group in September. She received a redundancy payment of around £2,000, which she had been relying on, but says half of that amount was deducted straight out of her Universal Credit payments in an apparent error by the Department for Work and Pensions. In another case, a woman had her benefits wrongly reduced by 80% ... more
  • 20 hours Here’s What The UK Coronavirus ‘R Rate’ Is Near You Huffingtonpost
    The reproduction number, or R rate, of coronavirus transmission across the UK is between 1.2 and 1.3 according to the latest government figures. The R measures the number of people, on average, that each sick person will infect. If R is greater than 1, the epidemic is generally seen to be growing. If R is less than 1 the epidemic is shrinking.  Here’s what the R is near you East of England 1.0 – 1.3  (last week: 1.1 – 1.3)  London 0.9 – 1.2 (1.1 – 1.4) Midlands  1.2 – ... more
  • 20 hours The UK’s Coronavirus R Rate Is At Least 1.2 Huffingtonpost
    The reproduction number, or R rate, of coronavirus transmission across the UK is now at 1.2, according to official figures. It comes despite recent data suggesting infections have decreased in every region of England for the first time during the second wave of the virus. The Government Science Office said on Friday the latest estimate suggests R is between 1.2 and 1.3. It represents a narrowing of the range of last week’s estimate, which was that R was between 1.0 and 1.4. R measures the number of people, on average, that each sick person ... more
  • 20 hours ‘Covid Tongue’ On The Rise, Warns Expert. What To Know About It Huffingtonpost
    More people are presenting with ‘Covid tongues’ and ‘strange mouth ulcers’ after coming down with coronavirus, according to the professor leading the UK’s Covid Symptom Study app. Prof Tim Spector, an expert in genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, tweeted a photo of a person’s tongue coated with white patches. He said one in five people with Covid still have less common symptoms that don’t appear on the official symptoms list. His app has been monitoring people’s self-reported symptoms since the beginning of the pandemic.   The NHS only lists three key symptoms of Covid-19: a fever, persistent cough and ... more
  • 20 hours Exclusive: Drag Race UK’s Joe Black Reveals What’s ‘Haunting’ Her After Shock Exit Huffingtonpost
    After keeping us waiting for more than a year, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finally came back into our lives on Thursday night, and wasn’t it just a glorious return? While British fans were thrilled to have the country’s biggest drag competition back on our screens, many have taken issue with the first elimination, which saw cabaret legend Joe Black sent home after failed to impress the judges with her Brighton Pavilion-inspired runway look. The day after her elimination aired, we spoke to Joe over the phone while she “lounged seductively ... more
  • 20 hours No.10 Refuses To Rule Out Post-Brexit Changes To 48-Hour Work Week Huffingtonpost
    Downing Street has refused to rule out changes to the 48-hour working week amid reports that it could be scrapped under plans for a potential post-Brexit overhaul of labour laws. Boris Johnson’s spokesperson insisted “we will not be lowering workers’ rights” but said the government was looking at policies to “stimulate business growth”. Asked to rule out changes to the working time directive, they replied: “We will continue to protect and enhance workers’ rights, we will continue to look at policies to help and stimulate business growth, innovation and ... more
  • 20 hours Boris Johnson To Hold Downing Street Coronavirus Press Conference Huffingtonpost
    Boris Johnson will host a Downing Street press conference on Friday afternoon, No.10 has announced.  The prime minister has repeatedly warned England’s national lockdown rules could be tightened if they are not “properly observed”. Priti Patel, the home secretary, said on Thursday tougher rules would not be introduced “today or tomorrow”. But she did not rule out new measures being announced next week. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has said the current measures in England are “not strong enough” and accused the prime minister of being “slow to act”. Scotland has toughened its lockdown restrictions to include reducing click ... more
  • 21 hours We’re Risking More Lives By Taking Children To Nursery Huffingtonpost
    As I type these words, my 18-month-old daughter is intent on destroying the house. In just five minutes, she has banged the floor lamp against the window, climbed on the dining table, bitten the cat’s tail and started wailing after the cat scratched her in retaliation. She hasn’t been to nursery in a month and we’re starting to lose our minds. Homeworking with a toddler is impossible, but, as the pandemic rages on, is taking her back to nursery the right choice? When the government announced they were closing schools but keeping nurseries open, many felt ... more
  • 21 hours Kevin Bacon Gave His Wife Kyra Sedgwick A Lockdown Bikini Wax, And Things Did Not Go Well Huffingtonpost
    Kevin Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick said she was amazed she didn’t end up in hospital after the actor gave her a disastrous bikini wax during lockdown.  The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, who has been married to Kevin since 1988, recalled the excruciating experience of Kevin taking charge of her personal maintenance during an interview with US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.  Kyra told of how she roped Kevin in after not being able to go to a beauty salon due to Covid restrictions, explaining: “It became clear at one point ... more
  • 21 hours 23 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Joy Of Drag Race UK’s Gag-Worthy Return Huffingtonpost
    After a less than joyous start to 2021, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was back to serve us plenty of sparkle, a dollop of camp and a smidgen of shade on Thursday night.  The premiere introduced us to the 12 new queens taking part in the hit BBC Three show, before they were required to produce two runway looks in homage to their favourite gay icons and their hometowns.  And let’s just say everything about it was exactly what we all needed right now... 1. Our very, very busy ... more
  • 21 hours 5 Reasons Why WandaVision Is About To Become Your New Favourite Show (Yes, Even If You’re Not A Marvel Fan) Huffingtonpost
    WandaVision, Marvel’s much hyped new televised series, has finally landed on Disney+. But wait! If you’ve already checked out after seeing it’s a Marvel creation, keep reading. The ‘superhero sitcom’ follows Marvel Comic characters Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and her husband Vision, brought to life by Paul Bettany.  Set in suburbia, the series takes place after the events of the film Avengers: Endgame (2019), and parodies classic sitcoms as the couple go about their lives overcoming the kind of ordinary mishaps people in the suburbs are faced with. But as with any of the ... more
  • 21 hours No, The New Brazilian Coronavirus Variant Hasn’t Been Detected In The UK (Yet) Huffingtonpost
    A Brazilian variant of coronavirus that has been detected in the UK is not the mutation that sparked a South American travel ban, it has been confirmed. Japan’s health ministry said on Sunday it had detected a new strain of the virus in four travellers from Brazil’s Amazonas state that featured 12 mutations – including one also found in highly infections variants discovered in Britain and South Africa. And Professor Wendy Barclay, head of G2P-UK National Virology Consortium – a new project set up to study the effects of ... more
  • 24 hours Brexit Has Taken Away My Son’s Life-Changing Medicinal Cannabis Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 24 hours Jeff Bridges Gives An Update On His Tumour After Lymphoma Diagnosis Huffingtonpost
    Jeff Bridges gave fans a welcome update on his lymphoma diagnosis, saying on his website that his tumour has “drastically shrunk.”  “I go in for a CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumor,” wrote The Big Lebowski actor earlier this month. “Turns out it’s working beautifully. The thing has drastically shrunk. I came home elated with the news.”  The euphoria was brief. Jeff recalled turning on his TV and seeing pictures of the US Capitol riot, with extremist supporters of President Donald Trump laying siege ... more
  • 24 hours Brexit Has Taken Away My Son’s Life-Changing Medicinal Cannabis Huffingtonpost
    The first years of my son’s life were like something out of a nightmare – each week, he was suffering up to 150 debilitating seizures. Just before Christmas in 2015 when we received the news that Alfie, now five, had a non-inherited genetic mutation called PDCH19. Alfie may improve with age, we were told, but there was nothing more doctors could do to treat him beyond what they were already doing. For the next five years, Alfie was either in hospital or, if he was not having seizures, their ... more
  • 1 day Lisa Kudrow Shares Exciting Update About The Friends Reunion Special: ‘It Will Be Great’ Huffingtonpost
    Lisa Kudrow said she has already filmed “a little something” for the upcoming Friends reunion. The Phoebe Buffay actor has also revealed filming on the unscripted special is set to begin in the “early spring” after a series of delays.  It was announced last year that Lisa and her fellow co-stars David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry would be reuniting to celebrate 25 years of the hit US sitcom.  The special episode had been set to air last May, but has been ... more
  • 1 day Katie Price To Move Son Harvey Into Residential College: ‘It Breaks My Heart’ Huffingtonpost
    Katie Price has revealed she has made the heartbreaking decision to move her son Harvey into a full-time residential college.  The TV personality said the 18-year-old will be taught skills which will help him to lead a more independent life. Harvey is partially blind and has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and learning and behavioural difficulties as a result of a rare genetic disorder. Speaking to The Sun about her decision, Katie said Harvey will be living three hours away from her and she is upset at the thought of not ... more
  • 1 day Trump Gets A Painful Reminder Of His Loss To Biden Right Outside His Window Huffingtonpost
    Washington, DC, is preparing for next week’s inauguration ― and President Donald Trump is going to find one sign of the transition very hard to ignore. That’s because it’s an actual sign ― visible from his windows in the White House residence as workers put up bunting across the street with the names of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris:  Similar bunting is going up around Washington, along what would have been the traditional parade route, although this year most of the festivities will be virtual:  ... more
  • 1 day Sex And The City Returning & Little Mix’s Number One | Good Vibes Only Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 1 day Government Denies Plans To Tear Up Workers’ Rights Post-Brexit Huffingtonpost
    The government has been forced to deny plans to “lower” workers’ rights after it was reported ministers would scrap the 48-hour working week in a post-Brexit overhaul of labour laws. Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng instead insisted Conservatives wanted to wanted to improve workplace protections – not reduce them and tear up key protections enshrined in EU law, as reported by the the Financial Times.  UK workers’ rights at risk in plans to rip up EU labour market rules— Financial Times (@FT) January 14, 2021 Labour ... more
  • 1 day Secret Service Barred From Jared And Ivanka’s Bathrooms Rented A Toilet For $3,000 A Month Huffingtonpost
    Secret Service agents assigned to protect Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were denied access to bathrooms in the couple’s house and had to rent a nearby basement for $3,000 a month simply to use the toilet, a surreal report by The Washington Post revealed on Thursday. Trump and Kushner’s six-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot home is located in Washington, DC’s Kalorama neighbourhood — where the Obamas and other elite political figures reside — and contains six bathrooms that were off-limits to the Secret Service detail assigned to protect the pair. According to ... more
  • 1 day Lily Allen Reveals She Was Addicted To Prescription ‘Speed’ Drug To Lose Weight During Miley Cyrus Tour Huffingtonpost
    Lily Allen has revealed she contemplated using heroin and became addicted to the prescription drug Adderall to lose weight while supporting Miley Cyrus on tour at the lowest point of her addiction struggles. The Smile singer supported the US pop star, during her 2014 Bangerz tour, and said that is when she realised she had hit rock bottom. Speaking to DJ Fat Tony on his The Recovery podcast, the 35-year-old said she ran out of money and had to go back on the road. “I got married ... more
  • 1 day How To Start Learning A Language – And Actually Stick To It Huffingtonpost
    You’re reading Here, Try This – our month-long plan encouraging you to try something new every day.  In lieu of us being able to travel, many of us are taking the time to learn the language of our favourite countries instead. A whopping 2.2 million people learned a new language in lockdown last year, according to a survey by national biographer StoryTerrace, while interest in language courses increased by 132% in the UK last year. It can be all too easy to download a languages app, use it for a few days, then give up until your next motivation spurt. So, ... more
  • 1 day This Is Why How Much Covid-19 You’re Exposed To Matters Huffingtonpost
    By now, most if not all of us know someone who has contracted Covid-19, or in the very least, been exposed to it. A family member, a friend of a friend, a colleague. Covid-19 is everywhere. And the experience often plays out differently from person to person.  Some people are exposed to the virus briefly and go on to develop a severe, life-threatening infection. Others unknowingly spend hours with an infectious person and develop a mild illness. And a lucky handful who are directly exposed to someone with the virus never get infected.  Experts suspect there’s a mix of ... more
  • 1 day Four Bits Of Covid News That Won’t Make You Despair Huffingtonpost
    Between record death tolls, a national lockdown with no end in sight and the bleak January weather to contend with, it feels as though there’s very little to be happy about right now.  But amidst the gloom, progress is being made in the fight against the virus – even if it doesn’t seem that way. To offset the utter chaos of the news cycle, here are four developments this week that won’t make you despair.  More than three million people have had a Covid jab  Little more than a month ... more
  • 1 day The Man Who Holds The Keys To Donald Trump’s Fate Huffingtonpost
    No one will shape the fate of Donald Trump in the coming days more than Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has left open the possibility of voting to convict the outgoing president over the deadly attack on the US Capitol. As Trump was impeached for a second time, McConnell said in a note to his fellow Republican senators that he is undecided on whether to convict the president. He pledged in the letter to “listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate,” which is ... more
  • 1 day Covid Heroes On ‘Poverty Wages’ Forced To Strike To Get Proper Pay Huffingtonpost
    Care workers and cleaners at a nursing home on the Covid front line have been “left with no choice but to strike” after decades of what they say are “poverty wages” and poor working conditions. Staff at Sage Nursing Home in Golders Green in north London plan to begin their three-day industrial action on Friday, citing months of attempting to negotiate over issues of low pay, sick pay and union recognition. They are asking to be paid a living wage of £12 per hour and told us they were struggling to pay bills and support their families even ... more
  • 1 day How To Talk To Friends And Family Breaking Lockdown Rules Huffingtonpost
    Covid has become the new Brexit: a subject capable of dividing families and friendship groups in an instant. While we know lockdown compliance is high overall, we also know that rule breaking or bending is happening.  In Priti Patel’s admittedly muddled press conference on Tuesday, the Home Secretary said “we’ve seen endless egregious breaches” of the rules, a day after vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi raised concerns that people weren’t wearing masks properly in supermarkets and were using the exercise loophole to socialise.  This can be tough to hear, when you’ve been ... more
  • 1 day Bowel Cancer Is Being Missed In The Pandemic. Here’s When To Seek Help Huffingtonpost
    Since the first coronavirus lockdown, the number of people diagnosed with bowel cancer in England has fallen sharply, according to a study led by the University of Oxford. Between April and October 2020, 3,500 fewer patients than expected were diagnosed with bowel cancer in England. Since the disease is more likely to be curable if it’s detected at an early stage, these results suggest that many patients may die unnecessarily, researchers said. Compared with an average month in 2019,  the monthly number of referrals by GPs to hospital clinics ... more
  • 1 day 1,248 More People Die Of Covid In The UK, Bringing Total To 86,015 Huffingtonpost
    The UK has reported the deaths of 1,248 more people from coronavirus, bringing the national total to 86,015 since the pandemic began. The figures relate to people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, meaning the true figure is likely to be higher. People whose death certificates mentioned Covid-19 already numbered close to 90,000 by the beginning of January, according to the Office for National Statistics. Meanwhile 48,682 more people have tested positive for coronavirus in 24 hours. The daily death toll is down on ... more
  • 1 day Why A Scientists Rebellion, Not A Tory Rebellion, Is What Boris Johnson Should Fear Most Huffingtonpost
    You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. As the fireworks of leadership challenges go, it felt more like a damp sparkler than a Catherine Wheel. Self-styled “Brexit hardman” Steve Baker’s threat to Boris Johnson – over the Covid lockdown’s infringements on liberty – fizzled out in less than 90 minutes.‌ That’s how long it took between the publication of the Sun’s scoop on Baker’s blood-curdling messages (urging fellow MPs to warn the chief whip about “the PM’s leadership”) and his swift retreat on Twitter (“Boris ... more
  • 2 days Secret Service Agents Were Barred From Using Ivanka Trump’s Toilet Huffingtonpost
    Secret Service agents assigned to protect Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were denied access to bathrooms in the couple’s house and had to rent a nearby basement for $3,000 a month simply to use the toilet, a surreal report by The Washington Post revealed on Thursday. Trump and Kushner’s six-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot home is located in Washington, DC’s Kalorama neighborhood — where the Obamas and other elite political figures reside — and contains six bathrooms that were off-limits to the Secret Service detail assigned to protect the pair. According to ... more
  • 2 days American Politicians Are In A Huge Strop… About A Metal Detector Huffingtonpost
    A week after president Donald Trump incited his supporters to storm the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the government and stop lawmakers from certifying president-elect Joe Biden’s electoral win, House Republicans are outraged. They are outraged that they have to use a metal detector at work. The House sergeant at arms announced on Tuesday that politicians will now have to be screened before entering the House chamber in an effort to provide “a safe and secure environment” for conducting business. The change comes after some raised concerns ... more
  • 2 days Lib Dems Defend Leaflet Deliveries During Lockdown As Form Of ‘Volunteering’ Huffingtonpost
    The Liberal Democrats have come under fire for continuing to deliver party political leaflets during the national coronavirus lockdown. Both Labour and the Conservatives claimed Ed Davey’s party was breaching the “Stay at Home” guidance by keeping up door-to-door deliveries of campaigning material. But the Lib Dems insisted that their activists were allowed to leaflet because it counts as a form of “volunteering”, which they say is exempt from the government guidance to stay indoors. They also hit back that Labour and Tory activists had sent out leaflets too. Both main parties have ordered their own local members ... more
  • 2 days Revealed: The Hotspots For Covid Rule-Breaking In England And Wales Huffingtonpost
    The areas of England and Wales with the most fines handed out for violations of Covid-19 restrictions have been revealed.  A detailed breakdown of the number of fixed penalty notices given by police, including the age and ethnicity of those who had been fined, has been published by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).  Northumbria Police gave out by far the highest number of fines, with 3,034 issued between March 27 and December 20. Greater Manchester Police came second with 2,183.  The police force that gave out the lowest ... more
  • 2 days Press Watchdog Exposes Inaccuracies In Toby Young’s ‘Herd Immunity’ Telegraph Article Huffingtonpost
    A Telegraph article that made “misleading” claims about immunity to Covid-19 in order to criticise lockdown and social distancing has been censured by the press watchdog. The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) found the comment piece written by Toby Young breached two “accuracy” requirements in the editors’ code of practice. The article, published on July 11, was headlined: “When we have herd immunity Boris will face a reckoning on this pointless and damaging lockdown.” At the time of publication of this story, the piece was not available on In its summary, IPSO said the newspaper’s piece breached the editors’ ... more
  • 2 days Marcella Star Anna Friel Says Her Body Was ‘Poisoned By The Stress’ Of Playing Troubled Detective In Series 3 Huffingtonpost
    Marcella star Anna Friel has admitted she got “poisoned by the stress” of playing the troubled detective in the upcoming series.  The actor is reprising her lead role ITV’s eponymous crime noir drama, which returns for its third run later this month.  However, Anna has revealed the dramatic toll playing such an unstable character takes on her body.  In a press interview (via The Sun), the former Brookside star she she would sometimes be sick in between scenes due to how heightened Marcella can be.  Anna said: “I ... more
  • 2 days ‘You Sound Like A Dalek’ – MP Has Ominous Malfunction in Parliament Huffingtonpost
    An MP was prevented from speaking at a virtual meeting at the House of Commons because he sounded “like a Dalek” after encountering technical issues. Tory MP for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, was attempting to make a speech about the retention of dentists in rural areas, but the audio came out at a fraction of its intended speed. Mann – who was completely inaudible – was quickly cut off by deputy speaker Nigel Evans. “Scott, Scott, sorry. You sound like a Dalek – and I don’t mean that unkindly,” ... more
  • 2 days Will The Red Wall Be Left Behind In The Fight Against Climate Change? Huffingtonpost
    ... more
  • 2 days Senior Tory Threatens Boris Johnson’s Leadership Over Covid Lockdown Huffingtonpost
    Tories have hit back at a senior MP who threatened Boris Johnson’s leadership unless he provides a clear exit strategy from the coronavirus lockdown. Steve Baker suggested to colleagues in an explosive letter leaked to the Sun that “inevitably the prime minister’s leadership will be on the table” if lockdown continues until “late spring”. He urged Tory MPs on the lockdown-sceptic Covid Recovery Group to warn chief whip Mark Spencer, who maintains party discipline, that “the debate will become about the PM’s leadership if the government does not set ... more
  • 2 days Ex-FBI Director Told To ‘Shut Up’ After Saying Trump Should Be Pardoned Huffingtonpost
    Former FBI director James Comey just can’t seem to stop saying things people hate. During an interview with BBC Newsnight this week, the former employee of president Donald Trump’s administration suggested that president-elect Joe Biden should consider pardoning Trump. “I don’t know, he should consider it,” Comey said. “Donald Trump, he’s not a genius, but he might figure out that if he accepts a pardon, that’s an admission of guilt, the United States Supreme Court has said, so I don’t know that he would accept a pardon.” Comey argued ... more
  • 2 days Jonathan Ross Talking About His Sexual Awakening Is The Very Definition Of NSFW Huffingtonpost
    If you’ve seen the film Call Me By Your Name, you’ll no doubt remember that scene involving a peach.  But if that was enough to make you blush, just wait until you hear Jonathan Ross’ tales about his sexual awakening.  The chat show host has somewhat overshared about his teenage years, revealing how he used some unusual objects to learn about intimacy.  During an appearance on Rhod Gilbert’s Comedy Central show Growing Pains, Jonathan admitted he had a rather uncomfortable experience involving a hoover, and other involving an orange.  ... more
  • 2 days Chilling Video Exposes Donald Trump’s Violent Pre-Riot Rhetoric Huffingtonpost
    The violent and divisive rhetoric of President Donald Trump and his allies ahead of the US Capitol riot is laid bare in a chilling supercut released by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday. Trump, members of his family, White House officials, Fox News personalities, congressional Republicans and others promote baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and demand retribution in the montage. “We need to fight back,” urges prominent senator Lindsey Graham in the clip. Fox News prime time host Tucker Carlson tells his millions of viewers ... more
  • 2 days Richard Leonard Quits As Scottish Labour Leader Huffingtonpost
    Richard Leonard has quit as leader of Scottish Labour. The Central Scotland MSP said he was leaving the role immediately as speculation about his future had “become a distraction”.  The news will spark a contest for the top job and comes as crucial Holyrood elections north of the border, which the SNP is currently forecast to win handsomely, could be delayed. Leonard said in a statement: “I have come to the conclusion it is in the best interests of the party that I step aside as leader of Scottish Labour with immediate effect.  “This was not an easy ... more
  • 2 days UK Bans Flights From Brazil, Portugal And 14 Other Countries Huffingtonpost
    Travel from Brazil and other South American countries to the UK will be banned from Friday in response to a new variant of coronavirus, the government has announced. Flights from Portugal to the UK will also be suspended “given its strong travel links with Brazil”, transport secretary Grant Shapps said on Thursday. But Boris Johnson has been accused of acting far too slowly to prevent it from making its way to the UK. I’ve taken the urgent decision to BAN ARRIVALS from ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, BOLIVIA, CAPE VERDE, CHILE, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, FRENCH GUIANA, GUYANA, PANAMA, PARAGUAY, PERU, ... more
  • 2 days Siegfried Fischbacher, Of Las Vegas Magician Duo Siegfried & Roy, Dies Aged 81 Huffingtonpost
    Siegfried Fischbacher – the world famous illusionist and one half of the duo Siegfried and Roy – has died at the age of 81. His sister Dolore confirmed to the German newspaper Bild that Siegfried died at his home in Las Vegas on Wednesday, following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Dolore, who lives as a nun in Munich, said her brother had fallen “asleep softly and peacefully”. Newsweek has reported that Siegfried recently underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumour, but it was then discovered that his cancer had spread to other parts of his body. After this, ... more
  • 2 days Should You Use Click And Collect Right Now? Here’s What Experts Say Huffingtonpost
    Click and collect has become a handy, halfway house for many of us during the pandemic, allowing us to buy goods without delivery costs while stores are closed.  But from Saturday, non-essential click and collect retail services will be banned in parts of Scotland categorised as ‘Level 4’. It follows the decision by John Lewis to suspend its click and collect service across the UK, amid surging Covid cases.  Elsewhere across the nation, services remain open. But should we be using them?  Related ... more
  • 2 days Don’t You Dare Blame Us For Not Following The Rules Huffingtonpost
    It is sometimes refreshing to know that however bad things get, some favourite British pastimes will always thrive. This week has seen extended outings for two of them: public shaming and obsessing over rule-breaking. They intersected neatly in Priti Patel’s press conference on Tuesday. The Home Secretary praised the majority of law-abiding citizens, before turning fire on a minority supposedly wilfully breaking the lockdown rules. She was flanked by a police officer who repeated the theme of ramping up enforcement. Implicit in the broadcast was the message that if we do not do as we are told, we ... more
  • 2 days Drag Race UK’s A’Whora Shares Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of How Series Was Made During Covid Huffingtonpost
    RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen A’Whora has lifted the lid on how the series was made during the pandemic.  The second season of the BBC Three show was halted mid-way through production last March, before resuming in October with Covid restrictions in place.  A’Whora, who is one of 12 queens competing to become the UK’s next drag superstar, detailed the challenges the rules presented for both the contestants and the production team.  Speaking to the PA Media agency, she said: “Everything was done very correctly. Before even starting ... more
  • 2 days What People With Diabetes Need To Know About Covid-19 Risk Huffingtonpost
    Having diabetes can put people at increased risk of serious illness and death from coronavirus – yet the people at highest risk from Covid-19 in this group are still not on the shielding list. It’s something charities are looking to change. Diabetes UK and type 1 diabetes charity JDRF have joined forces to call for urgent protections for certain groups impacted by diabetes, including an immediate extension of the shielding list. In the UK, people who are shielding are urged to stay at home as much as possible. They get ... more
  • 2 days The End Of The Pussy-Grabbing President Huffingtonpost
    It began with “pussy,” and it will end with “pussy.”  Four years ago, hundreds of thousands of mainly female protesters peacefully descended on Washington, DC, to register their opposition to the president of the United States. They wore pink “pussy” hats. They carried signs with slogans like “Pussy Grabs Back.” Last Wednesday, another angry group arrived in DC, egged on by that same president Earlier that day, the vice president had received a phone call from President Donald Trump. According to The New York Times, the president had ... more
  • 2 days People In Non-Essential Jobs Forced To Go Into Work During Lockdown Huffingtonpost
    Construction and manufacturing workers are “terrified” of going into work and have criticised the government for its “lockdown for the middle classes” amid soaring coronavirus infection and death rates in England.  On Wednesday, the government confirmed a further 1,564 people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19 – the highest number of UK deaths reported on a single day since the outbreak began. And although the public have been urged to “stay at home and reduce all social contact that is not absolutely necessary”, people working in non-essential construction and manufacturing are still ... more
  • 2 days Drag Race UK’s Ginny Lemon Leaves Simon Cowell Speechless In Unearthed X Factor Audition Huffingtonpost
    With a new series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK about to start, we’ll be getting to know a fresh batch of queens over the next 10 weeks.  However, you might already be acquainted with one the contestants thanks to her turn on The X Factor. Ginny Lemon, who is one of the 12 queens competing on the hit BBC Three series, previously tried out for the ITV talent show in 2017.  She auditioned for judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh during auditions that ... more
  • 2 days Paramedic Struck Down By Covid After Treating Patients Who Refuse To Wear Masks Huffingtonpost
    A paramedic has spoken about the “heartbreaking” reality of having to treat patients who refuse to wear a mask after he and his heavily pregnant wife were both struck down with Covid. The 34-year-old NHS worker from the south of England, who has asked not to be named, fell ill with coronavirus after attending to a patient in late December. That led to ten days of isolation for both him and his wife, who also caught Covid. They are both now recovering, but the medic has spoken out about ... more
  • 2 days Hugh Grant Admits He Can’t Actually Remember What Happens To Him In Love Actually Huffingtonpost
    Love Actually may be ingrained in the public consciousness, but one person who is a little less familiar with the details of the beloved film is one of the people who actually starred in it.  Hugh Grant has admitted he can’t actually remember what happened to his character in the 2003 festive classic.  The actor played the UK prime minister, David, who falls for Downing Street staff member Natalie, played by former EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon.  But try getting Hugh to tell you that.  Asked about the ... more
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